For a Month, BonGou is Accessible to All


Cinnamon Gardens, Victoria Arobieke Street, Lekki One, Lagos (14/9/17 - 13/10/17)

0903 600 7170, 0908 569 3080

FOLLY: BonGou is one delivery business that I feel like has been evading me. I can’t quite place a finger on why I have not been able to order. I mean it's something on my part oh - nothing to do with the restaurant but every time I was supposed to order so that we could review for the blog, something always came up that prevented me from doing so. 

NOSA: I ordered BonGou once.

About 2 years ago, I think.

Ordered at noon and my order didn’t get to me until I was done with work for the day. I remember being incredibly upset, but they offered me a mini bottle of champagne as consolation. I guess the bribe worked because I just didn’t bother with the review. Just mentally blacklisted them and moved on with my life. Blocked number and everything. Didn’t need that kind of negative energy.

FOLLY: Actually, one time, it was BonGou’s fault that I didn't get to try their food. That was at Fiesta of Flavours where I was at their stand a couple hours into the event and they had not set up yet.

NOSA: Since then, BonGou has shut down the “daily deliveries” and now all orders need to be placed well ahead of time. 24 hours, for orders below N10,000, and 3 hours, for orders above N10,000. It’s not ideal, but it’s an acknowledgment of the issues they have with logistics. Maybe I’m overestimating the relevance of my experience and my situation was an isolated incident, but I like to think it wasn’t just me.


NOSA: Anyway, I was open to checking out BonGou again when i saw their instagram about their pop up. For the next month, BonGou popping up at MiniBees Bakery in Lekki.

FOLLY: I was pretty excited by the fact that they were having a test kitchen at the Minibees Bakery in Lagos. On one hand, I thought it was a great idea on the part of the owner so that she could get her business in the face of more people and secondly I thought it was awesome because it gives people the opportunity to get an even better (read: fresher) BonGou experience. 


FOLLY: The menu was simple but not exciting. Three chicken options, one burger option and one ribs option.

NOSA: I went with the burger.

Bongou 1.jpg

FOLLY: I still don’t know why I didn’t simply get the BBQ wings because in choosing the Spicy Roast I really and truly overplayed my hand. My side was the Afro Asian Fried Rice as opposed to boring fries like Nosa. This, too, was on FIRE from pepper.

The rice felt like it was seasoned with crayfish but I’m not 100% sure but there was something ever so subtly crayfish-y about it. I considered asking the server to confirm and to do this, I hatched a plan. I was going to pose as though I had a shellfish allergy and ask to know definitely if there was any crayfish in it. I got carried away people watching and forgot to carry out my plan.


FOLLY: The rice was topped with a tablespoon of shitto - as if the pepper in the rice wasn’t enough. Ultimately, the spiciness of everything was a tad too overwhelming so I tapped out early and didn't finish my food, both the chicken and the rice. This probably speaks more of me than BonGou's food as I'm quite pepper intolerant, someone else may like it but I thought it was pretty meh. 

NOSA: Probably should've ordered the fries like a normal person

Bongou 2.JPG

NOSA: The pork was a bit dry. This is a wild guess, but I think they went with dry rub over marinade. Or maybe the marinade was just insufficient. Whatever the case, the pork could’ve been a lot juicer. That said, the pork was very tender and credit to them for that.

Bongou 3.jpg

NOSA: The chef/cook/owner and I have some philosophical differences on how a pulled pork sandwich should work. For starters, it DEFINITELY does not need cucumbers in it.  No need for tomatoes either. It also should have more coleslaw than BonGou had. That mix of barbecue sauce, from the pork, and coleslaw dressing is EVERYTHING. It’s like they were made for each other, but whoever crafted the sandwich at BonGou clearly disagrees with me.

The fries were great though.



NOSA: We might disagree on execution but BonGou gets it. They know what great BBQ should be. It might fall short of great, but it's good enough.

FOLLY: Ditto. It's too spicy sha.




Spicy Roast Wings - N2900

STR Pork Burger - N1850



Not a lot, but it exisits