Unlimited Prawn For N4500?

Hotel Bon Voyage

57 A.J Marinho Dr, Victoria Island, Lagos

01 448 5051-5

NOSA: I’ve had like 2 or 3 people tell me to check this place out. Like, “Oh have you checked out Hotel Bon Voyage?” or “Oh you should check out Hotel Bon Voyage”.

Ok guys, I’ll check out Hotel Bon Voyage

FOLLY: I think lots of brides have their bridesmaids stay here before the wedding because their room rates are decent. 

NOSA: For such a reasonably large hotel, it has such a small restaurant. That’s not a bad thing, just a little amusing.

NOSA: Because I got the buffet offering at Sheraton the other day, I decided to order a la carte this time around. I ordered the Angus Steak with a side of Mashed Potatoes.

FOLLY: I had the buffet because it was opposite day for us. There was very little I could eat (carb wise) because of my Whole 30 restrictions but when I saw the prawns I figured it'll be worth it nonetheless. I started with pepper soup like Nosa always does (Southern Sun & Sheraton). 


Sadly, this pepper soup was very very crayfish-y and wasn't nice. 

NOSA: The steak was more medium than the medium rare I asked for, and the plate had gone a little cold like it had been sitting out for a bit.  For a sub-5k steak, this was not bad. I mean, you can clearly taste the difference between this and a good steak. This was a slab of well seasoned meat. Speaking of the seasoning, it tasted like yaji (suya spice) spiced steak. It’s cheap meat, but they made the most of it so that’s adorable. 

The mash tasted like potato ice cream. I don’t know if that exists, but if it does, it definitely tasted like my mash. The consistency was perfect, but it was just missing a little something. 

FOLLY: They put something way off-recipe in the mashed potatoes for sure. They probably piped it with an icing bag too. Cake makers, am I right ?


FOLLY: Bon Voyage has a pasta bar, so I asked for a stir-fry to be made for me without the pasta since I'm currently not eating that. 


I asked for it to be made with all the veggies they had available which, as you can see from the pictures, weren't very many. They had shrimps and calamari so I asked for those to be thrown in too for good measure. 


As you can also see they also plated it very nicely for me, but how did it taste ?

Again, like crayfish, so what I'm thinking is the crayfish is in their pot or their spoon. 

NOSA: You know, it’s funny how there wasn’t any chicken in the entire buffet. For N4500, this thing is a steal though. 


FOLLY: In the main buffet section, they had a chaffing dish with all manner of seafood in it, so I helped myself to some giant prawns and grilled eggplant. This was definitely a steal at this price point. 

NOSA: All that prawn for 4.5k, I might come here just for that uno. 

FOLLY: I wish I could have eaten more (because I was still hungry) but there was absolutely nothing else that worked with my dietary restrictions - everything had cheese, cream or was rice.


NOSA: Hotel Bon Voyage is a bit meh, but it’s meh in like a good way. Feels like they tried to make the best of what they could find in Lagos. It’s great value for money too. I just want to give the entire hotel a hug. Good job, guys. 

FOLLY: I think we'll come back here on a Sunday to see what their selection is like on weekends because I imagine they'll bring out their "Sunday best". Regardless, I definitely have a new place to suggest when asked for options for an inexpensive hotel buffet in Lagos.  

NOSA: Ultimately, the food is still meh. 



Angus Steak - N4500

Buffet - N4500