Bogobiri is as Alté as it Gets

Bogobiri House

9 Maitama Sule St, Ikoyi, Lagos

01 270 7437

FOLLY: Apparently, Orela restaurant doesn’t exist anymore. We tried going there before we ended up at Bogobiri.

Too lazy to go to the new Deli’s Café in V.I, we stumbled over to the back of Awolowo Road to Bogobiri. So if you’ve never heard of Bogobiri before, it’s an Afrocentric boutique hotel in Ikoyi. Very popular for its open mic nights on Wednesday/Thursday (I forget which day it is)

NOSA: I’ve always wanted to check out Bogobiri for the longest time. Not really for the food, more for that open mic thing they do because alté rocks are really the best rocks. Speaking of alté, you guys have no idea how much I miss SXSW. Eat.Drink.Lagos needs to blow so I can afford these trips. 

FOLLY: It was quite deserted in the evening when we went. They hadn’t even cleaned up the bar area from the night before’s shenanigans. They clearly weren’t expecting any day drifters. We sat in the restaurant of the hotel side (If I’m here again I’ll love to check out the rooftop bit). 

NOSA: The restaurant space is pretty tiny, almost like it’s not really built for people to actually eat there. Pretty weird because Bogobiri has been pushing the restaurant bit really hard on Twitter.

NOSA: Only like 10 people, tops, can fit in this place and their chairs are mad uncomfortable too. 

FOLLY: The food at Bogobiri was okay, but I feel it’s somewhere you go more for the experience/an event than for the food. 

NOSA: I got the Grilled Croaker with a side of Fries while Folly got Prawn Kebab with Jollof Rice. 

NOSA: Fam, this is the smallest croaker I’ve ever had in my life. It wasn’t really grilled either. More broiled or baked, if anything. Considering how much I paid for this, this wasn’t worth it at all.

FOLLY: What I particularly liked was the Jollof rice, it was FRESHLY made.

It was no party rice like that at Ocean Basket, and Nosa says the women near his office makes better, but I really liked this twist on Jollof Rice. It is probably what Jamie Oliver should have done instead of that atrocity he committed on our national treasure. 

NOSA: The fries could have done with some salt. 

Sidenote: Pizze-riah might have the best fries in all of Lagos. Don’t argue with me unless you’re ready to fight me.

FOLLY: The rice wasn’t all Maggi & Knorr as you’d expect but I really feel like this Jollof had hints of ginger in it. I’d give it a solid A- if this was a Food & Nutrition practical. The shrimps, sadly, were forgettable. 


NOSA: Eh. It could be worse.

FOLLY: Next time I’m on Awolowo Road, I’m coming for that man that reportedly makes asun near the Mobil fuel station. 




Grilled Fish - N3500

Prawn Kebab - N3500