Brunch At Blueberry's Cafe

This restaurant has closed down

Blueberry's Cafe

25 Banana Island Road, Ikoyi, Lagos

0812 932 2972

FOLLY: We saw this place pop up on Instagram a little while ago but we didn't know there was more to it than just the pastries. When we popped in a couple weeks ago the breakfast service was over, so we got a sausage roll (it wasn't any good) and decided to come back. 

NOSA: Our first mistake.

FOLLY: We spent the first two hours here having a meeting.

NOSA: Let me digress a bit.

Did you guys know there are actual biker clubs in Nigeria? Like, a lot of them. Relevant because our meeting was with an all-female club. 

Anyway, back to the blog...

FOLLY: Our food took FOREVER to come. I usually excuse restaurants for late food when they are busy but we were the ONLY customers in there for three hours, except the mother-daughter pair that came to buy ice cream AFTER we got our food. 

NOSA: My order was pretty simple so it was a lot more befuddling. Surely, it doesn't take that long to fry an egg.

eatdrinklagos blueberry banana island-3.jpg

FOLLY: While we waited we got a croissant to share. It worked for a while and then we were hungry again so we got a chicken pie to share again. I didn't time how long it took for our order to arrive but I think to be more objective, going forward, I'm going to start running a timer when we place our orders. This is so that I'll have an actual number to back up my "the food came very fast" or "the food was prepared at snail speed" - I'm sure some people will still call foul but w/e. 

NOSA: That chicken pie was pretty "not good" by the way. You know when you have leftover meat pie in the fridge and you heat it up the next day? Yeah, that's how this tasted. There's a certain hardness to the outer crust that can't be fixed with a microwave.

FOLLY: Nosa had the Croissant Sandwich with egg, bacon, and cheese, while I had the English Breakfast. 

eatdrinklagos blueberry banana island-1.jpg

FOLLY: For how long it took them to prepare the order, color me surprised when the plate arrived cold. Everything was palatable but just not great. I'd have preferred the eggs scrambled but I didn't specify so I have myself to blame here. It was tasteless, though, so that's on them.

eatdrinklagos blueberry banana island-2.jpg

The sausages were okay, but were also the coldest of the lot. The mushrooms were wriggly and forgettable. I'll let Nosa explain the issue with the bacon.

NOSA: Remember what I said about the chicken pie? Same applies to bacon. I'm really terrible with storing bacon in my house so I'm all too familiar with the repercussions. If you don't properly seal you bacon when you store it, the exposed bits are going to taste plasticky and you can't fry that away. 

I can get away with my shoddy bacon storage habits, but I'm not a restaurant charging people. It's damn near inexcusable for a restaurant to do it. A shame because they actually had good quality bacon. 

FOLLY: I think I even liked the bacon the most in spite of its shortcomings because it was very salty and I love salty bacon. 

eatdrinklagos blueberry banana island-4.jpg

NOSA: My breakfast croissant had so much potential, but turned out to be a big disappointment. The croissant, for starters, wasn't fresh and it went downhill from there. The bacon in it was pretty terrible quality compared to the one in their Full English.


FOLLY: Probably not a place I'd return to because I don't believe that was value for money.

NOSA: Great idea, terrible execution.

FOLLY: They also sell black coffee for than the cost of a caramel macchiato at Cafe Neo and that was a bit upsetting. 

NOSA: And all their pastry tasted like it was made two days ago.



Coffee - N800

Croissant Sandwich - N2000

English Breakfast - N3500



They have a huge parking lot (for some reason) so you're good.