Work Lunches: Britts Foods

Our "Work Lunches" series focuses on your non-traditional food establishments, the ones without brick and mortar locations. For nomenclature purposes, we'll call them Online Restaurants

Britts Foods

0902 707 5810

FOLLY: Before we go on, what's up with the name? I don't think Britts Foods is a really descriptive or good name for a health food company. I think maybe then that the name is sentimental or Britts is an acronym for something, and if that's the case that's something the about us section of their website should tell us.


As I was ordering this salad for a review, I wasn't particularly feeling like eating 'grass'. In fact, I was craving carbs so when I saw the pasta salad on their Instagram page, I was like yeah this is what I need to get. 

NOSA: Same thought process here lol.

The packaging on their salads is the first thing that caught my attention. Well, apart from the fact it took forever for me to get my salad.

Britts Salad-1.jpg

NOSA: Does anyone else put nutrition info on their stuff? Nobody else comes to mind right now. My coworker thinks the information is all made up, but I'm giving Britts the benefit of doubt.

FOLLY: I thought this was a great salad. I added bacon and chicken to mine. I really appreciated that the bacon was thick cut and that the makers weren't stingy with the quantity. Chicken in salads is also usually dry, I don't know if it was the dressing that helped this but this wasn't dry at all. 

Britts Salad-3.jpg

NOSA: I agree with Folly, the salad was pretty pretty good.

FOLLY: I loved the use of the tricolour rotini, it added some colour to the salad.

NOSA: What I didn't like, however, was how layered the salad was. It's a great for aesthetics, but terrible in practice given how little room there is to move your salad around.

FOLLY: It did get a little cabbage-y towards the bottom as a result of their layered approach so I took that as my cue to exit eating this salad and store the rest in the fridge. 

NOSA: Would be nice if they gave you the option to get the salad "mixed" before delivery

Britts Salad-4.jpg

FOLLY: Presentation wise, the stacked bowl with the salad is cool cause it allows you to see in layers everything that's in the salad but practically, if you're eating directly from the bowl like I was it does not allow you toss it all together because there's no space. 

NOSA: Exctly what I was getting at earlier.

Britts Salad-5.jpg


FOLLY: It took about an hour between when I placed the order and when I received my food. I think Britts salads were very good value for money and I'd definitely order again. 

NOSA: My order took forever to get delivered. The owner apologized, but poor form still.

FOLLY: Salad dressing is also free here, I'm looking at you Green Grill House.

NOSA: When you factor it all in, I bet they cost the same.



Bacon & Chicken Pasta Salad - N2800