Bistro 7

273 Kofo Abayomi St, Victoria Island, Lagos

0807 668 7777

FOLLY: Last Sunday, EatDrinkLagos was launched into a panic state as we didn't know where to have Sunday lunch. Fuel scarcity rumours had us not wanting to go far and so we were confined to Victoria Island. 

Austerity measures are in full effect so Southern Sun couldn't click like that and we weren't the only ones that felt that way.

We eventually settled on Bistro 7 because we'd heard their brunch was delightful and when we went last it was Restaurant Week and we didn't get a chance to sample the real menu. 

NOSA: They really didn't put their best foot forward for restaurant week because their regular menu is really nice.

FOLLY: We thought we were at Southern Sun for a second and ordered two mimosas a la carte. 


NOSA: I got the American breakfast over my usual Full English because the American comes with bacon. Bacon is serious business for me. The bacon was pretty meh but meh bacon is better than no bacon. And it could be goat meat bacon, so...yeah

I wasn't a fan of the sausage but take my opinion with a pinch of salt, the only sausage I really gastronomically fuck with is Satis. Overall, I thought the plate was pretty good. I loved the potatoes despite the stinginess of the serving.

FOLLY: I liked the sausage.  And expand your horizons Nosa, Chi smoked chicken sausage is awesome. 


FOLLY: My waffles were really good, way better than the ones at Orchid (Orchid has one of the best pancakes I've had in Lagos though, as an aside). 

The plating of this confused me very much however, as I have no idea why the waffle was served with a piece of watermelon and orange. I promptly shifted those over to a side plate and dug in. 


NOSA: Folly's waffles were more chocolate shavings than chocolate chip, but hey, semantics!

FOLLY: Uh huh, they had chocolate shavings on the inside too. I'm definitely not complaining though cause the chocolate didn't taste cheap, it was the quality stuff. 


NOSA: Way better than last time, maybe because we got to explore the whole menu this time. Or perhaps brunch is their thing. Next time, I'm getting the brunch burger. Sounded like it had potential.

FOLLY: Next time, I'll probably get something from their lunch/dinner menu. I really enjoyed Bistro 7 and the service was on par with the food too. 


Chocolate Chip Waffle - N3200

American Breakfast - N3800

Mimosa (Glass) - N2000