Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLIII

Subject: Birthday Lunch

Message: Hi,
My birthday will be coming up on the 2nd of April and I’d like to have lunch with my friends. The thing is, I’m working with a budget of about N50k for about 10-15 people.

Do you have any suggestions as to where I can host a scrumptious lunch? Preferably in Lekki or Victoria Island at most.

I anticipate a favourable reply.
Thank you.
— F.O

FOLLY: That's about N3,333 per person. I don't think you can get a sit down lunch in Lekki/VI for that price. Starting price for mains at most restaurants is about N3000 - N3500, and that's not counting starters or drinks. If you're flexible with your budget and would like to go up to N4000 - N4500 per person, I'd recommend Crust & Cream. However, if you're firm on the budget I don't see any other way but BBQ & Cravings.

NOSA: I second that BBQ & Cravings motion

Subject: Southern fried chicken sandwiches

Message: Please where is the best place to get fresh hot chicken sandwiches?
— M.M

FOLLY: Deli's has a nice pesto chicken sandwich. It's not fried but I like it.

NOSA: Don't think any place does it. Smokey Bones has BBQ Chicken sandwich with coleslaw in it, which isn't what you asked for but it's close. 

Subject: Date Night

Message: Hi guys, for one reason or the other Madam and I have not been in the same country or location for long stretches. I will be in Lagos soon and was hoping to have a long overdue date night. Someone mentioned avenue suites was hoping for your opinion. I dont expect the damage to be over 20k but for an excellent night out i could close eye and weep later. She is adventorous with food, I like MEATS but not big on adventure. I just want a romantic night out, no phones juat us and food maybe some dancing for her later.
— A.P.T

NOSA: Try NOK by Alara. It's adventurous enough for her, but safe enough for you. At your budget, I'd skip the alcohol though. 

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi
I want to plan a nice birthday dinner for my friend. It’s just going to be 3 people. And I would like a place where I can also get a birthday cake with the dinner saying happy birthday on it.
Thank You
— O.O

FOLLY: Crust & Cream cause they have a bakery.