Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XXXIV

FOLLY: We've never had these many questions before, it's kinda exciting. 


Anyway, if you don't have an EDL shirt yet, go get one

Subject: 21st birthday

Message: Hi, my birthday is coming up and I want a nice restaurant for a dinner or brunch. Instagram worthy pictures y’know but also affordable. Please can you also suggest restaurants with nice buffets for brunch or dinner?
— E.A

FOLLY: Unfortunately, most of the nice restaurants with buffets for brunch or dinner are in hotels like Wheat Baker, Southern Sun etc. and can hardly be called affordable. However, you can have a nice and affordable brunch at either Cactus or Crust & Cream

NOSA: Red Beryl Lounge in Lekki does a pretty affordable buffet (N2500) and you can probably get the whole space to yourself if you talk to the manager. 

Subject: birthday

Message: hey guys
my birthday’s next month & im looking for something a bit casual
like someplace good for a lunch
and at the same time
I want it to be like private-ish
we’re all btwn the ages of 15-16

FOLLY: BBQ & Cravings isn't private at all  but the food is really good and it's very casual you and your friends will have a good time. Your parents are probably paying for this right cause I imagine you're still in secondary school. So for something more private, and depending on the budget they have given you here are my two options: La Veranda and Bistro 7 (pricier). 

NOSA: I was thinking something along the lines of Tickle Bay or Fantasy Land tbh

On a serious note, you guys should check out Verandah.

Subject: Bridal shower venue

Message: Hi, you guys are doing a great job,kudos to you. Please I want to organise a bridal shower for my friend and I need a restaurant or any place you can suggest on the mainland that can accommodate about 30 people, where the food and drinks is affordable and where we can also decorate, thank you.
— A.T

FOLLY: My first instinct was to suggest Orchid Bistro because their food and drinks are good. However, their space is quite small and your party will fill up their entire restaurant and I'm not sure they will be amenable to that. 

NOSA: Do it in Spurs, if you're not trying to get drunk. Bheerhugz or Rhapsody's, if you are. 

Subject: Husband’s birthday party

Message: Hi guys,

I’m a huge fan of the blog, y’alls banter and wit reminds me of my husband and i :) Not sure if you guys have considered being a couple :) Hopefully you’re not ‘eeewing’ yet, if you’ve not considered it or if you’ve ‘seen yourselves finish’ for dating considerations, make a pact to get married if you’re both still single by 30 (like in My Best Fried’s Wedding - great movie).

Anyways, sorry for the random rant up there, I’m writing to get suggestions for my husband’s birthday. Last year we had a ‘get together’ at Crust & Cream where we just gave them a budget and invited our friends to eat, drink & socialize and it was a blast until we maxed out. He wants to do something similar this year and i figured we should go somewhere else but I have no idea where to go, hence my sending this message.

We’d like somewhere that’s not too pricey so we don’t max out the budget (last year was N250k, not sure what it’ll be this year) quickly. Looking forward to some awesome suggestions.

thanks a lot!
— A.I

NOSA: Ewww.

FOLLY: That's a really fun birthday idea and setting the budget ahead of time helps make sure there are no surprises when the bill comes and also so your guests know it's not a blank cheque.  That said, for this year maybe y'all could do the Winehouse in Ikoyi. They aren't big on food so you can order everything on their menu as sharing plates for your party - they have fish, chicken, asun, and beef/gizzards. Then for the drinks, you can also have a tab for wine and agree which bottles you want and they can keep bringing those out throughout the evening. 

NOSA: If you want to actually eat and not just drink the night away like Folly The Delinquent, go to Rhapsody's. Decent space. Decent food. Solid drinks. 

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Looking for where to take a couple of friends to for my birthday dinner which falls on a Friday I want somewhere with good music and good food. Pocket friendly too. Any ideas?
— L.A

FOLLY: The music is bound to get too loud eventually but 355?

NOSA: Spice Route?

Subject: Sadness, Bar, Alcohol, Coma

Message: Hello friends. My girlfriend dumped me, it’s “Blue Monday”, and I’d like to do nothing but drink myself into oblivion. Preferably someplace not too crowded with comfortable barstools, a good bartender and a great selection of whisky/whisky cocktails. Thanks.
— L.D

NOSA: Big man like you shouldn't be getting his heart broken. Smh. 

FOLLY: Aw poor thing. I don't know how good the bartender is at Pat's Bar because I always get beers, and that will also be the cheapest option in this situation. However, if you want to burn a hole through your wallet fast you can check out either Stranger (in Lekki) or RSVP. 

NOSA: Go to Cafe Royale and tell Kingsley to load you with everything.