Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLI

Subject: Birthday dinner

Message: Hello,I’m planning a surprise birthday dinner for 10 guests for my boyfriend.I live in Abuja so I don’t anywhere in lagos.please can you recommend a very nice restaurant that isn’t too expensive.thank you.
— H.L

FOLLY: You can't get very nice that's not too expensive.

NOSA: Check out Crust & Cream.

Subject: Birthday Lunch

Message: Hi.
A friend told me about your blog, and I love it! Good work guys.
So, my birthday’s coming up soon, but it falls on a weekday. Bleh. Looking for a nice restaurant for lunch over over the weekend for about 10 people. Something for my girls and I. Good food, aesthetically, not too expensive - the economy is not too friendly at the moment. Lol.

Thanks! Keep up the good work xx
— A.D

NOSA: Basilico isn't too expensive, the food is decent and the space isn't bad either.

FOLLY: Or Pizze-riah right next door if you consider pizza food - I know many Nigerians don't

Subject: Amazing Sunday Lunch

Message: Hey please whr can you recommend for an awesome and amazing Sunday lunch? Look forward to your prompt response... Cheers
— D.B

NOSA: if you're willing to settle for brunch, check out Mansilla before they shut down.

FOLLY: This question is very broad. Island or Mainland? A la carte or buffet? Either way you'd probably enjoy Four Points.

Subject: The V.I price for a bottle of Star

Message: So guys, the other day i went out with a friend and we got a drink each (heinekan and a star radler)and suya.. chicken and beef suya and we paid 12k + in total for the items ordered.

As i had already said it was a treat i had to close my eye and pay it. my mistake was not checking the price before ordering)

Please is this 12k charge normal for V.I.. i mean if i had ordered cocktails and a meal i would be a bit forgiving but i didnt.. literally drinks and suya.. guys help me here. I just moved back.. but as a corper one has to be conscious of spending.. please tell me i’m not crazy or overly cheap for thinking this expensive???
— B.D

NOSA: Did you go to Churrasco because this sounds like Churrasco. You're going to pay above the odds for beer anywhere on the island, however. The only places that come close to pump price are those expat "pubs". People tend not to like them because they're frequented by the ladies of the night. You have to make these trade offs.  Also, never get beer at the hotels. Worst idea. 

FOLLY: I was going to say Maison Fahrenheit cause I know their Star is 2k. Just like Nosa said, it really depends where you go. Personally, I'm not turned off my the 'expat pubs' because I like my drinks cheap.

Subject: birthday dinner for two

Message: Hi guys, I want to plan a birthday dinner for my boyfriend and deciding a restaurant has been hard. I need somewhere nice nd quite, not too pricey (preferably Chinese, other options are welcome) . BTW awesome blog
— M.O

NOSA: Chinese in Lagos is pricey unless you're going with fast food Chinese like Ying Yang and Marco Polo Express.

FOLLY: Maybe Otres or Yellow Chilli ?