Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXVIII

Subject: Sushi Restaurant

Message: Hi Ladies

I am looking for the best Sushi in Lagos. Please any suggestions?

— R.V

FOLLY: Izanagi.

Subject: Exotic African food restaurant...any idea?

Message: Hi,
Went through your blog and its fantastic but I noticed you are more into continental dishes. My husband’s birthday is next week and I really want to take him out for dinner but I want a really nice restaurant with African delicacies on the island more like an evening buffet with Nigerian food. Any suggestion pls?
— O.I

FOLLY: All the hotels have Nigerian food included in their buffets so maybe one of those. 

NOSA: From your email subject, what you're looking for is Nok. It is African and "exotic".  Based on the content of your message, however, BLD might be it. 

Hello there,

Please I want to take my girlfriend to any classy restaurant to eat , we would be 2yrs in about 2weeks so I really want to take her to some where very nice but not too expensive, preferably anywhere within VI & Lekki phase 1 axis . The food for both of us should be between 8k to 10k.

Thank you very much.
— Anon

NOSA: 8k for both people? For an anniversary of that magnitude, you're not going to find a restaurant that's worth it at that budget if I'm being completely honest. You can take her for an ice cream or gelato date and get cocktails afterward.

If you insist on taking her out to dinner, maybe you guys can check out Casper & Gambini's. There'll be no dessert and you might have to settle for no alcohol.

FOLLY: If you go with Casper & Gambini's, there'll be no appetizer either and I'm afraid it'll be water to drink.  You'd also have to let her order first because then based on the balance you'd then be able to make a budget appropriate choice.Most people don't consider pizza food but that's another option. Pizza night at Taverna is N2500 per pizza, and you can split a bottle of wine (from N5000) and with service charge, you'd still be under N10k.

Update: A reader on Twitter suggested Casa Lydia would be great for this. Just two mains and a big bottle of water to share. 

Subject: Dinner

Message: Hello guys,
I need your expatriate opinion on a nice restaurant (pretty atmosphere, nice music and all) for a romantic dinner for two in VI.
— J.I

FOLLY: I'm assuming "expatriate" is a typo for "expert." If that's true then my recommendation is Vellvett, If you mean somewhere that expatriates hang out, that's really funny and I'd recommend Taverna, or if you want something a little more expatriate-y, Churchill Pub in Lekki. 

NOSA: Tarragon.

Subject: Date spots!

Message: I love your blog! I’m not a foodie and really not big on eating out... but you guys are turning me to a convert aswear!

Anyway help...bae wants to eat out by force...he is tired of homemade food and I’m a badass cook o! What he wants really is a Date experience you know...he is big on having a view, that requires some dress up and cost effective food hahaha...somewhere on the island...please help with suggestions!

Have I mentioned I love you guys? Keep up the great work!

NOSA: If he wants a view, Sky Restaurant, in Eko Hotel, is the only one I can recommend but it's not "cost-effective". You can't get dressy and cost effective at the same time.

FOLLY: Uptown at the Avenue Suites also has a great view and it's cheaper than Sky.