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Please where is the best Sushi place in lagos?
— AO

NOSA: Izanagi. Not even up for debate.

FOLLY: All facts.  

Please do u have any reviews of the nire prest cruise?the food on board

Warm Regards,
— O

NOSA: Never been on it. Perhaps someone who has can leave a note in the comment section.

Subject: christmas dinner

Message: Hello, Wonderful blog you have here!
I was looking for a really nice place to go with my family(parents and siblings) on Christmas day, for dinner.
Somewhere that’s worth it in every way, cos mehn every year its always one experiment or the other that ends up being just basic.
Thanks! :)))))))))))
— KA

NOSA: Last year, neither of our parents were in town so we went to RSVP with Folly's sister and that was great because we sat next to a family having their Christmas lunch. For a couple of moments, we were part of that family. I really don't know why I've just told you this, but yeah, I did. 

Older Nigerians are usually pretty unadventurous when it comes to food so I'm a bit hesitant to suggest RSVP. Chinese never fails with them though, so I'd recommend RED. It looks fancy too so that'll compensate for it being plain ol' Chinese food. 

FOLLY: You should do 415 Eko Signature. 

Subject: Get together for 30-40 people

Message: Hey guys, first of all...yassssss to the EDL festival!!!! :) :) I’m looking to have a small get together for 30-40 people with light food and drinks. Any recommendations? Preferably in VI. Thank yooooou!
— T.O

FOLLY: The upstairs area of Spice Route could work well for what you're describing.