Searching For The Best Shawarma In Lagos: Best Shawarma

Best Shawarma

31 Randle Avenue, Surulere. Lagos.

0809 954 86540802 389 7784

FOLLY: This shawarma has been recommended to us a couple of times on Instagram and Twitter whenever we posted a new shawarma joint in the Searching for the Best Shawarma SeriesMurphis, Shawarma & Co, and Charcoal. 

Nosa's got a new job in Surulere  and he had a bite or something of this shawarma and apparently we HAD to go get it, so that's how we're here. 

NOSA: I feel like since I started this Surulere gig, I totes understand Wizkid lyrics now. #FunFact: I thought Ojuelegba and Surulere were completely different places. Oh, and I know what he meant by "small London, that's my lungu" on that one song.

FOLLY: Smh, butty kid. 

FOLLY: So this sausage in shawarma thing, does anyone which shawarma spot pioneered the rocks? I'm actually very curious. 

I always hate on sausage in shawarma because it's "greedy" but I've never tried it. To be honest, I doubt it tastes terrible, what I just can't reconcile is what a sausage is doing in a shawarma. It's quite odd to me. 

NOSA: That's because you don't know what's good for you. Shawarma without sausage is just a joking matter, that is a shawarma that never be taken seriously when grown up shawarmas are talking.


The sausage in Best's shawarma wasn't like the skinny ones usually found in shawarma. I believe what we're accustomed to is the Vienna sausage, while Best uses proper frankfurters. 

FOLLY: I found the shawarma to be pretty darn good. It wasn't skinny like Shawarma & Co's and it wasn't mostly cabbage. My hairdresser calls those type of shawarmas "salad shawarma", I'm looking at you 01.

NOSA: I thought the 'slaw was excellent. It didn't overwhelm the whole thing, just played it's bit part role. Think of the 'slaw as Busquets and the meat as Messi. All makes sense now.  

chicken beef best shawarma

FOLLY: Best didn't skimp on the meats and I appreciated that. 

NOSA: Oh, the beef was actual beef and not some burger patty split in half like Q-Bites does. 

Funny aside: we actually drove all the way to the Surulere mall to eat this and we sat on Q-Bites tables in the Food Court. Obvs, they chased us away. 

FOLLY: In case you can't make it to Surulere, Best Shawarma just opened a spot on Awolowo Road. However, it's probably not the "same" so if you really want to try this, I'd recommend you actually go to 'Lere. Plus, Awolowo road has all that petrol queue traffic. 


FOLLY: Two other things I liked about Best: the price and the cleanliness. The place looked much cleaner than many other shawarma places and it wasn't swarming with flies. Secondly, N900 for a mixed shawarma ? I fux with that. 

NOSA: Best has unseated Ebeano in my heart. Never thought we'd see the day.


Chicken + Beef - N900

Chicken + Beef + Sausage - N1000