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NOSA: Welcome to our 3rd, I think, Eat.Drink.Lagos Restaurant of the Year award thing honoring the one restaurant that absolutely killed it in 2018.

FOLLY: After two weeks of open nominations we’re happy to present the top FIVE nominees for the Eat.Drink.Lagos Restaurant of the Year.

NOSA: Because democracy is great and Eat.Drink.Lagos is for the people, this is a reader’s choice award, i.e.  winner is chosen by poll. The winner gets all the bragging rights as the people’s choice and a little plaque + sticker for their worries.



Sabor is a 2017 opening and in their words is “a modern fusion restaurant that offers both an upscale casual dining experience as well as a terrace lounge atmosphere”


The Backyard Bar & Grill

In December 2018, The Backyard Swing was in many an IGJB’s Instagram collection. Considering how popular they are with the younger and expat crowd, it’s no surprise to see that the Backyard emerged one of the top votes in the nomination round.

South Brunch.JPG

South Eatery & Social House

“Life is sweeter in the south” according to their website. South is a another place that it’s quirky wall art and iconic “We are all mad here” sign have given it that sticking factor in the minds of Lagosians.

Craft Gourmet.jpg

Craft Gourmet

Not the oldest restaurant on the list, but this nomination came as a surprise to us. We’ll take it nonetheless. Nigerians tend to get over places rather quickly, but not Craft Gourmet it appears. Good on them.



RSVP is definitely the OG restaurant on this list as they’ve been open for four whole years as of November 27, 2018. However, RSVP is that friend you tell “you don’t look a day over 16” considering how fresh and innovative they continue to keep things.


Now, without further ado, it’s time to vote for the Eat.Drink.Lagos Restaurant of the Year. Polls will be open for until December 20 and we’ll announce the winner at the Festival on December 26.

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Disclaimer: The nominees reflect solely the opinion of the readers of Eat.Drink.Lagos and all others that collectively nominated these restaurants.