New Restaurant Alert: BBQ R Us


6 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island. Lagos

 0815 300 0013

NOSA: These guys are right across the street from Art Cafe. Doing pretty much the same things Art Cafe does, (shisha, cheap beer, and grilled stuff). This must be the Lebanese version of Chicken Republic moving in beside KFC.  Dude, even the happy hour special is the same. This thing is going to erupt into one big fat Lagos restauranteur gang war and we'll be caught in the middle of it. We have done nothing to deserve it either.


NOSA: I really love the space. Might be my second favorite restaurant space after the rooftop at  Maison Fahrenheit. One of the owners is my guy too. By "guy", I mean we go to the same gym and I spotted him that one time. For such a wonderful space, it has such a shit name. I guess you can't win everywhere, eh?

FOLLY: The name is absolute garbage.


NOSA: To start, we got their Cheesy Garlic Bread. Now, I've had garlic bread and I've had cheesy bread but I've never had everything in one. I don't need to tell you guys I loved it. By now, you should have read this blog long enough to know I'm greedy. I love RSVP's Chicken Logs, extra "hot dog" in my shawarma, and Charcoal is lowks my favorite because they put suya in the shawarma.

FOLLY: My first dalliance with garlic bread was at Bungalow's many years ago. It was new to me and I loved it. Then I went to America and discovered cheesy garlic bread. Granted it was from Domino's, but that along with Lava Cakes got me through many late nights in my dorm room in my first year at University. 


NOSA: My main was the Shish Taouk Plate and my homie from the gym defs sabi this grill work. The beef was a proper mad ting. It had just the right amount of tender to it and the marinade was ten flame emojis.


FOLLY: Awks Nosa didn't share the beef with me. I didn't even know his plate had beef in it as all he gave me was the chicken. 

I got the Grilled Barracuda Fillet and a side of Pasta Carbonara. You get to choose between potataoes, pasta, vegetable or something else. 


For some reason my spidey senses told me the waitress was going to screw up my order. So when my main arrived and I saw how large the pasta portion was, I was certain that she was going to charge me for two mains cause it didn't make sense, but the waitress said that this was the normal size when I asked.

I still wasn't convinced. So when we got the bill and I wasn't charged separately, I felt like we had gotten away with murder; two mains for the price of one. WAHHH! 


My fish was really alright. My main problem (haha geddit?) was that it was overcooked.

NOSA: I actually didn't mind your fish tbh.

FOLLY: You know when you overcook fish and it isn't flaky anymore and just dense, that's how this came out. 

NOSA: Because I'm a villager, the skin on the potatoes made me shy. Had to ask Folly if eating it was fair game. Let me not fall hand in public abeg.

Carbonara had ZERO bacon bits in it. What a scam. 


FOLLY: The texture also looked really weird, but it still tasted decent.


NOSA: I'll definitely be back here again. The space, food, and the whole yahmeanery was definitely up my alley. If my man had the grill hands with the shish taouk, then his steak must be excellent. Garra give dem the shawarma too.

Oh, one more thing. Star is N600 and N400 during happy hour. Sold! 


Cheesy Garlic Bread - N1800

Shish Taouk Plate - N3500

Grilled Barracuda Fillet with Pasta Carbonara - N4000