Eat.Drink.Lagos X PhillyGidi Cheesesteak

BBQ & Cravings

Beside Heroes Furniture. Off Sabitex Hotel Road. Lekki, Lagos.

0814 000 1002

NOSA: For like a month or so now, the BBQ & Cravings owner has been experimenting with a Philly Cheesesteak. I know this because I've been creeping his Instagram for the longest. Dude actually seems like a pretty decent guy. You can tell he actually likes the food he makes. Maybe I'm reading too much off Instagram, but he doesn't come off like the average Nigerian restaurant owner and I respect it. 

FOLLY: Each time he'll post something about it, a commenter will say something along the lines of "coming to get this today" and then he'll have to break their heart with "Sorry it's not on the menu yet". He seems pretty chill, pretty sure he served us our orders the day we went.

NOSA: Anyway, he finally opened the cheesesteak to the public and we were in there like swimwear.

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyy the OMG phillygidi cheeseSteak this Saturday june 20 2015. Your cravings just got richer

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PhillyGidi Cheesesteak

NOSA: I wasn't really a fan of the roll, but for everything else, they sabi the work. Like, it was so delicious. I thought Crust & Cream's was good, but this so much better. Bloody hell!

PROTIP: Split this with a friend because it's really filling. 

FOLLY: Dawg, no one person should eat all that in one sitting, except you're having it for lunch and you're famished. For dinner, it was just A LOT.

There was more meat in the sandwich than anything else (green peppers, cheese & onions). They didn't skimp on that - just look at the thing. It also wasn't bland, tough, chewy or all that stressful stuff. Perfect, just perfect.

bbq & cravings PhillyGidi Cheesesteak

NOSA: The roll is the only thing holding this back and I'm blaming SPAR for it because that's where they get it from. Next time, I'm bringing my own roll. Or maybe we can get Crust & Cream to provide the rolls since they clearly don't have these cheesesteak tekkers.  

FOLLY: Nosa will roll up at BBQ & Cravings with his own bread and ask them to subtract it from the menu price since "he brought his own".


NOSA: You have to try it. 

FOLLY: Yup, you need to. End off. 


PhillyGidi Cheesesteak + Potato Wedges - N3000