EDL Weekender: BBQ & Cravings Breakfast Looks Lit

EAT: Breakfast at BBQ & Cravings

FOLLY: Yes, you read that right. The OG checkered napkin/paper mat spot has expanded their breakfast offering. It's not completely new because they've always had pancakes but I've never seen anyone order them.

NOSA:  We actually posted about it a while ago

NOSA: BBQ & Cravings needs it's own food truck btw. One that moves from location to location during the day. They can add a "Find my iPhone" type thing to it too. Find the Truck. 


DRINK: At Liquid Hub By Spronks

FOLLY: We were just here this week but I don't think there's a better spot to wait out traffic if you're heading from the island to the mainland on a weekday. It's the second turn on the right once you get down from Falomo bridge. 

NOSA: If you love your wine and you think Winehouse has fully casted, Liquid Hub is the new wave. They do a 3 Wine "Flight" thing for N3,500 too.

FOLLY: I think that offer is just on Wednesdays. 

SAM_1149 copy.jpg

BONUS: Hans & René After Dark

FOLLY: Remember that one time we made a special flavor for Hans & René, well they are doing it again. 

NOSA:  I wonder what special flavors they'll have this time.