Kebabs At BBQ & Cravings


BBQ & Cravings

Beside Heroes Furniture. Off Sabitex Hotel Road. Lekki, Lagos.

0814 000 1002

FOLLY: Every now and again, the owner of BBQ & Cravings posts his kitchen experiments as they happen on the restaurant's Instagram page. So, if you're following them you'd have known that these kebabs have been a long time coming. 

NOSA: More restaurants should do this on their social media platforms. Hans & Rene is the only other place that does something similar. I mean, it's great #content. 

FOLLY: Anyway, after months of refining, BBQ & Cravings decided the kebabs were ready for the world.

Nosa had the beef and lamb, and I had the chicken. 


FOLLY: I know a lot of work went into these kebabs from a recipe testing standpoint and for that reason, I really wanted to like them but to be honest I didn't really enjoy it.

NOSA: I won't say I "didn't like" it, but it certainly could be a lot better. Especially the flatbread. The flatbread kept falling apart and that was pretty frustrating.


FOLLY: I liked all the elements individually (except the tomato, but that's on me and I shouldn't have chosen that topping), but when it came together it sort of missed the mark for me.

NOSA: Same here. Individually, the bits are solid, but as a whole, it's a little disjointed.


FOLLY: I had to deconstruct it to enjoy it properly. I pulled out the chicken and ate that separately then I had bits of the rest till I got tired of the bread. The chicken and the yoghurt sauce is great, for what its worth. 

NOSA: The lamb was delicious too. Also, don't get the chili sauce. Get the yogurt instead, trust me.



NOSA: The kebabs are a lot cheaper than I thought they'd be. Another restaurant would've burnt a hole in your wallet so I'll give BBQ & Cravings credit for that. 

FOLLY: Totally agree on cost, but a side wouldn't hurt though instead of the drink. I really like their wedges at BBQ & Cravings so I ordered those as a side.

NOSA: This is probably tastes incredible if you're drunk. The little things we're pedantic about probably won't even matter. 



All Kebabs - N2000

Potato Wedges - N500



Yeah, street parking.