BBQ & Cravings is Still THAT Joint


FOLARIN: Random way to start but I can’t get over how Nigerians don’t classify burgers (and hot-dogs, pizza, french fries, sandwiches, etc.) as food, regardless of how filling they are. However, a bread and ewa agoyin sandwich is considered a meal but a thick beef patty and bun isn’t one? Okay, Akpan.

Anyway, one of the many downers to Lagos is how burger spots are few and far between. Most restaurants in Lagos swear they’re Patty & Bun or Meat Liquor level but either don’t deliver on that quality or are really difficult to access.

Why do the things we love have to be so far away? One on the mainland, another on a terrible road in Ikoyi and this one in Greater Lekki around the 19th roundabout.

After planning and being dissuaded by the traffic so many times, Christina and I finally visited BBQ & Cravings to re-re-reconfirm what their burgers are saying after Nosa & Folly’s past three reviews;

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At this joint-like setting with eat-your-burger-and-be-going ambiance, we ordered the Yolo Burger, Superfly Burger and Soon To Be Famous (STBF) Pork Ribs for ‘diversity’ and the ‘BBQ’ part of their name, BBQ & Cravings.

BBQ & Cravings Yolo Burger

BBQ & Cravings Yolo Burger

BBQ & Cravings Yolo Burger

BBQ & Cravings Yolo Burger


The Yolo Burger came with a beef patty, crab meat, smoked ham and salami topped with one cute-ish baby prawn in a buttered bun. Similarly to Folly, I also didn’t taste all the individual elements because they went really well together. The patty was nice and not overcooked, and even though the bun looks like it was excessive in the photo, it was soft so it absorbed the juices and took the shape of my hands as I devoured the burger. While Christina was complaining about how hers was falling apart, with my pinky fingers pointing outward, I showcased the life hack I learned last year by eating my burger upside down. Overall, the burger was a little on the small side but it was worth the drive.

SuperFly Burger

SuperFly Burger


CHRISTINA: So! I went on to order the Superfly burger hoping it would be better than whatever Folarin was having since he thinks he has some supernatural gift of never being wrong with food/cocktail orders. Well, I think mine was better! The burger had a generous amount of proteins, from the beef patty and bacon to the one prawn and indistinguishable omelette, all in a soft mushy bun. Burgers are not my go-to meals because I’m not a fan of bread and I have been conditioned to only appreciate hot meals that come in plates.

FOLARIN: Said like a Typical Nigerian

CHRISTINA: However, I think this was a really  decent burger, although the bun underneath became a bit soggy due to my numerous breaks because like I said, eating burgers is a real chore.

FOLARIN: Learner

CHRISTINA: Overall, for someone that isn’t too keen on burgers, I enjoyed it and may visit again to try some of their other burgers.

FOLARIN: The last thing we ordered were the Soon To Be Famous (STBF) Pork Ribs for the complete ‘BBQ & Cravings’ experience, and based on the assumption that they’d be good since their patties are generally good and well-spiced - quite the reach now that I think of it.

The first serving of the STBF ribs came nicely chopped up in paper, kind of like Glover Court Suya with really fiery spicing, which most would have liked but… not me.


Take 2 - after complaining, we got a milder serving of the ribs and we could actually assess how they tasted. The ribs weren’t too sweet and sour. If anything, they were semi-sweet and spicy and seemed like they’d bang with -I’m sorry to say- garri or Indomie.

Syrian Club, BBQ and Cravings and the likes are good examples of joints that still keep you coming despite their blatant disregard for the customers experiences, but we’ll be visiting again because… mugs.


FOLARIN: Crazy the lengths we’re willing to go for good burgers. Will be visiting again.

CHRISTINA: What he said.




 Yolo Burger - N4000

Superfly - N4000

Soon To Be Famous Pork Ribs (no sides) - N3200



Can take about 10-15 cars, but getting out might be a struggle