The Famous Bar Enclave Turkey

Bar Enclave

1 Adeola Adeleye Street, Ilupeju, Lagos

FOLLY: I was very excited to come here because it's down the road from the house I grew up in and I really wanted to show Nosa, shame he didn't share my excitement. 

NOSA: Eh, you'll be fine.

FOLLY: The waiter guy also didn't share my sense of humour at all, and probably, quite frankly, thought I was strange. First, I asked him what drinks they had and he waved his hand like "duh you should know now".


So I asked if he had Star Radler, nope. Then I asked if for Ace Roots, nope. See, don't you agree that it'll have been easier if he had just told me what he had. We eventually both settled on Orijin then this happened. 

NOSA: #BeingFemaleInNigeria?

FOLLY: Then I tried to laught it off with him and he gave me this face 😐😐😐😐 like "Stop it NOW".

NOSA: It was low-key sexist but hilarious still. Dude looked at me like I let him down when I asked for the small Orijin bottle. Ma bin, sah.

FOLLY: The turkey wings at Bar Enclave is the only turkey anything I've ever liked. I even hate  the animal when it's alive. To be honest, I hate ALL birds and I hate turkeys the most, or maybe pigeons. Turkeys, pigeons & peacocks are all foul creatures. 

NOSA: The turkey was REALLY REALLY good. It was tender and everything. Maybe Nigerian turkey is different because every time I've tried turkey, it has been tasteless. Americans + American IJGBs, you should know what I'm talking about. Thanksgiving turkey is always so scraps. The stuffing always  bangs tho. 

FOLLY: The yoruba word for turkey is tolo-tolo and I would shrivel up anytime anyone mentioned the word when I was a child. Christmas was the worst time of the year because people would give us birds and I wouldn't be able to play outside because they frightened the hell out of me.

Sorry for the tangent, but yes I loved the turkey wings at Bar Enclave because they weren't tough like all the other times I've had turkey.

For example in my office, if the fish and chicken are finished before you have lunch just allow it, because you need a suya knife to cut their turkey. 

NOSA: Have you seen the turkey those women sell by the roadside? The ones in the glass boxes. Those things look sooo hard. You can tell turkey they killed worked out a lot.


FOLLY: I'm a huge wuss when it comes to spicy food so I couldn't eat the parts of the turkey that had the pepper on it. I'm working on it guys, but pepper is really scary for me. 


FOLLY: Everything they said is true, the turkey here is the real deal.

NOSA: If this turkey was trash, I was legit prepared to go fight @IjeomaOgud on twitter. 

FOLLY: Quick question sha, how do people go clubbing at Bar Enclave? It doesn't really seem like there's space for that. I love how the guys were playing video games when we visited, it's a nice hang out spot. 

NOSA: I actually expected this place to be a clubhouse and not a joint. All the Twitter daddies went to Bar Enclave to celebrate Buhari winning the election and the pictures looked like they were at mainland Sip. Speaking of Twitter, Bar Enclave has a really remarkable Social Media presence for a joint. The engagement and everything is impressive.



Turkey Wings - N400 each