Buka Week: Bank Olemoh

Bank Olemoh Designer Rice

Bank Olemoh Community, Surulere, Lagos

NOSA: Today is Day 2 of our quest to get food poisoning, i.e. Buka Week.

FOLLY: We covered Olaiya on the blog yesterday. Today, it's Bank Olemoh's (a 4-minute drive away from Olaiya) turn.

bank olemoh designer rice-1.jpg

I had heard about "Designer Rice" in Surulere and Bank Olemoh rice but I didn't know they were one and the same. 

NOSA: I worked in Surulere at some point in my life so I was pretty familiar with the name, but never actually tried the food.

FOLLY: First of all, I liked Bank Olemoh because it was relatively clean and quiet.

bank olemoh designer rice-2.jpg

FOLLY: Secondly, I like that they are "focused". Restaurants/QSR/Bukas etc. that have a streamlined menu with just a few key offerings that they specialize in are always better than the generalists. This is why I believe Toasties is soo good, I hope she never changes and adds jollof rice, except it's in a sandwich).

NOSA: Yeah, I found this fascinating. I know it's called "Designer Rice", but I actually thought they'd have other stuff. Shouts to them for focusing on their strengths.

bank olemoh designer rice-4.jpg

FOLLY: The food at Bank Olemoh didn't necessarily taste cheap. The stew wasn't watery and the plantain wasn't almost rotten.

NOSA: The stew was tasteless and the meat was a joke. You're missing that part.

bank olemoh designer rice-6.jpg

FOLLY: Nosa prefers Olaiya's stew but I found it to be just fried pepper and oil. I liked Bank Olemoh's because the flavor was more dimensional.

NOSA: More dimensional? The thing had ZERO dimension.

FOLLY: It was thick and smoky. The stew at Olaiya was even dull in color, Bank Olemoh's glistened. 

bank olemoh designer rice-7.jpg

FOLLY: I cleaned my plate, Nosa was kinda shocked.

NOSA: I'm convinced wash put is a thing because there's no way Folly and I were eating the same thing. I absolutely hated this place.



FOLLY: If I worked in Surulere, I'd probably add my name to the list when everyone is asking to office cleaner to help them buy food. 

NOSA: The stew is trash and the meat is pitiful



Meat (per piece) - N50

Rice (per spoon) - N100

Beans (per spoon) - N50

Plantain (per piece) - N20



Very limited street parking