A Change of Heart

UPDATE: It appears Bangkok has closed shop, guys

Bangkok Restaurant

244A Muri Okunola Street. Victoria Island, Lagos

01 461 91240803 307 7666.

FOLLY: Well mostly for me and that’s because I had so much gladness in my heart on this visit. Last time we were here, I was so irritated at Nosa so I ended up hating everything.

NOSA: And just like that, the truth has finally come out.

FOLLY: This time was so much better. I feel like Nosa has subtly suggested coming back to Bangkok a couple of times but I probably just changed the topic casually. This time when he sent me a message that we should have dinner here, I was in some irritating meeting at work that I just wanted to be out of immediately so I said yes immediately.

NOSA: Well, maybe it's because I knew you were being petty and you didn't really give Bangkok a chance. Last time, you spent the entire meal frowning. Obvs the food would taste like scraps to you.

Anyway, I ordered the Calamari to start. It was a little heavy on the batter and I wish it didn't come with that meh sauce. But hey ho.

Bangkok Restaurant

FOLLY: Pad Thai is comfort food for me. If you've never had it before it's superior Indomie (if you're Thai and reading this please don't be offended I just likened pad thai to ramen, but it's just so comforting). However, since I already got that the last time we were here, I wanted to get the Pad See Ew which is essentially pad thai with flat noodles instead.

NOSA: I'm no Thai food expert, but I thought the Pad See Ew was excellent. Tasted like a healthier Lo Mein. Speaking of, Thai food is like Chinese (not the real one obvs), but healthier. Nothing ever feels like it's loaded with MSG.

FOLLY: I really liked the Pad See Ew, they scammed us on the seafood part though cause it only had three shrimps. I was expecting something that had a number of creatures from the sea: calamari, shrimp and squid. Well actually the plate was N3000, so I probably would have been asking for too much.

NOSA: I think I ate all the shrimp while we were taking pictures. LOL. 

The Hot Basil Chicken was ridiculously spicy, or maybe my tolerance has gone down from hanging with Folly too much. That would be really unfortunate uno. Can't really come out as a Nigerian and say I don't like spicy food. My family might disown me too. 

FOLLY: The chicken dish was also really good. I took the rest to-go but I didn't handle it well so it spilled in my car on the way home, so I was sad. Overall, I'm incredibly happy we came back.


FOLLY: I really love Thai food, was my daily diet in university so finding Bangkok is refreshing. We had a bit of a discussion over dinner on the merits of Thai food over Chinese. We came up with that Thai food use real spices while Chinese food is a whole lot of MSG. Like in the chicken we had, you can actually see the herbs and spices. 

NOSA: My opinion on Bangkok really hasn't changed. Thai food isn't really my rocks, but I like Bangkok Restaurant.



Pad See Ew Seafood - N3000

Chicken Hot Basil - N3000

Tempura Calamari - N2600