No Fuel, No Problem

The Banana Island Patisserie

Banana Island Shopping Complex. 3rd Oval, Banana Island, Ikoyi.

01 295 5746 

FOLLY: I used to come to this place a lot when I worked nearby in 2013, a coworker introduced me on the premise that they had the best muffins (they do or they did, cause the one I had this time was tragic but we'll get to that later).

I remember also being washed that I could get green tea in a to-go coffee cup like in coffee shops outside Nigeria. Like a Basicca, I then promptly took a picture of the coffee cup with my lipstick stain and shared it on Twitter. 

NOSA: Anybody else find it so hard to spell "Patisserie". I had to let Folly start this post so I didn't fall over myself. 


We got here and the manager quickly warned us that the generator was going off at 5 pm. Look at what we've become, guys.

Don't say I never called it. Anyway, I got the Turkey, Ham, & Cheese bagel sandwich. As you can tell, I'm greedy. That's why I picked the one with multiple meats. 


Unfortunately, the bagel sandwich no too bang like that. It wasn't toasted like Neo's and not as good either. It wasn't terrible, I mean, I ate it all. But it just wasn't very good. "Good job, good effort" bagel. Just like Falcao this season. (Sidenote: I'll miss you, El Meow-Meow. I wish it worked out for us)

FOLLY: I couldn't get a panini so I got a Turkey, Ham & Cheese Sandwich on ciabatta. I didn't like it and I was already hesistant to get the sandwich (as opposed to a panini) cause I absolutely hate cold cuts. 


Funny story on cold cuts, my sister's friend was dating an American girl in College and his parents were coming to visit. My sister, being Nigerian asks the American girl what she will cook to entertain them. She responded: "Oh no I'm not cooking, I'll just put together some cold cuts" hahahahahaha. 

Anyways, the waiter said they could toast this but it wasn't really toasted like that cause my ham and turkey were both cold. I also found the sandwich a bit dry.

NOSA: I actually liked Folly's sandwich. Ate it while she was busy being a princess about it not being toasted. Probably because I love ciabatta bread and you really can't find it anywhere in Lagos. What I didn't like was the Sweet Potato fries. They weren't really...sweet. Might have more to do with the actual potato that BIP so I'll let it slide.

Before they powered down their generator, we got the Sugar Top Muffin

FOLLY: I craved this muffin many odd times before today but this one just didn't taste right.

It was too eggy. I was really disappointed. 


NOSA: This is the same one Neo sells, I believe. From Delifrance or France, I can't remember which. I wasn't really listening when the guy was talking. 

FOLLY: I think these are different. 


FOLLY: For a place I've been to before and I usually like, this place let me down big time. Maybe their service was strained due to the fuel crisis since that's what everyone *coughMTNandAirtelcough* is saying. And the fries are pretty expensive at N1000/serving.

NOSA: They have N500 Star so they get a second chance from me. When GEJ gets evicted I'm coming back. 


Turkey, Ham & Cheese Bagel Sandwich -N1500

Turkey, Ham & Cheese Ciabatta Sandwich - N1500

Sweet Potato Fries -N1000

Sugar Top Muffin - N800