There's Rice At Home: Banana Bread by Chef Imoteda

NOSA: This is a new thing Folly and I have been bouncing off each other for a while now. EDL is mainly about eating out, but sometimes you look at your wallet and think "there's rice at home abeg".

FOLLY: That's not true, Nosa never says that. Even when times are hard Chicken Republic chickwizz > rice at home, for Nosa.

NOSA: Well, I said "you". 

Anyway, that feeling is what this new series of posts is about. Every other week, we'll share a new recipe from a chef that can be recreated at home. I might even share my legendary breakfast quesadilla recipe one day

FOLLY: I feel obliged to ask this but if you have a specific recipe request, let us know and we'll see if we can ask a chef to write one, however, this week we have a banana bread recipe by Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen.

NOSA: When you're done, it should look like below. 

...if it doesn't, you've messed up, mate.