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Message: Heyyy, love your blog!. I’m planning a baby shower for a friend of mine, looking for a place/space. Could you please give some suggestions? Thank you
— O

NOSA: For this, I'd actually recommend RSVP. We had our first Lunch Club there and they were pretty accommodating.

FOLLY: There's also a lot of natural light there so the pictures will come out very well. 

Subject: Help needed ASAP

Message: Hi Nosa and Folly ,
So I stumbled on this page while looking for a good dining experience for tonight and I must say it’s like a breathe of fresh air to get totally brutally honest opinions, nice one guys!!
So, to the koko of the matter, my friends bday is today and she wants to have a little dinner / hang out session (maybe karaoke involved if possible) with about 10 ppl and as the person looked upon to know nice joints I am at my wits end of finding a place that’s as good as its website pictures. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Thanks in advance.
— O.B.

NOSA: I don't think there's any place in Lagos with karaoke AND good food. Maybe NTyce, their Yam & Egg is fire on some days. But yeah, if you really want a chill, hang out spot, check out The Winehouse in Ikoyi. 

FOLLY: Apologies, we couldn't reply sooner. The form doesn't collect your email address so we can't reply directly. 

Subject: I need help

Message: Hi there,
My name is L and I live in Australia! I have a friend who lives in Lagos Nigeria and I wanted to suprise him with a little help from you! Will you be able to deliever some beautiful dishes to his place and I’m happy to pay online in dollars!
— L.K.

NOSA: Unfortunately, that's beyond us. You can try HelloFood or City Chops though. If you really want to give us your dollars, and I'll gladly take it. I can be friends with your friend and we can go eat out all the time. 

FOLLY: Nosa, that sounds like you're trying to replace me lowkey.

You could also consider sending him cupcakes. There's a myriad of cupcake vendors in Lagos, I'm sure one will be able to help. You can try the Sweetspot, Honey's or Hans & Rene.

Subject: Restaurant Suggestion

Message: Hey guys. You are both so hilarious and i like the easy banter between both of you. Always giggling at work when i read your posts. Also share them so my colleagues are hooked!

So was thinking, can you go to Lotus by Pattaya and do a review. They have this very intriguing drink. I think its called fish bowl (very aptly named) cos its a huuuuuuuuuggggeeeeee glass/bowl with all sorts of mind numbing effects in it! Ive seen about 4 people share a glass/bowl.

I’d like to know your take.

— OB

NOSA: A fish bowl like this ?