Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos V

Brothers birthday

Hey! I love your blog. Most food blogs just get paid to write a good review about some crappy restaurant but you guys really say what’s on your mind. My brothers 17th birthday is coming up and he wants and intimate dinner with the family and later one with his friends. Any suggestions ?
— I.O

FOLLY: Haha, thank you! For the intimate dinner with the family, I'd definitely recommend 1415 Restaurant at Eko Signature. The food is quality and your parents would definitely appreciate that.

NOSA: ...and it's expensive so your parents can't skimp on the boy's birthday 

FOLLY: By the later one with his friends, do you mean a second dinner on the same day after eating with the family ? Or another dinner on another day?

For that one I'd recommend they do Basilico or La Taverna. Both are quite affordably priced, so he and his friends should be able to take the hit.

NOSA: I think your brother might be more interested in a party than food with his friends. That's what 17-year old Nosa would want. Posh Cafe would be my pick.