Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXXIX

Subject: Induction Dinner

Message: Hello. Please am looking for where to do my induction dinner. More like graduation dinner for 10 people. 8k per head. Good food,cocktails etc. I would love if you give me options.
— F.S

FOLLY: The bot says you should go to Talindo

NOSA: If you're looking at Main + Drink, maybe you can give Verandah a shot.  Other options are La Taverna and Terra Kulture.

Subject: Bridal Party

Message: Hello EDL,
I’m planning a sit-out bridal party lunch for a colleague and I’m having a little trouble finding a perfect spot.
I’m looking for somewhere in Ikeja GRA or its environs, something cozy and nice, not too busy, great menu, perfect ambiance and most especially gooooooood food.
Please help me with my search and maybe reviews and pricelists.
Awaiting your reply, thanks.
— A.B

FOLLY: I'm afraid we don't have price lists of all restaurants. For reviews, all our reviews are listed here in alphabetical order. For your request, I'll suggest Orchid Bistro and you can request to sit outside.