Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XLIV

Subject: Apple Pie

Message: Hey guys, I can’t seem to find the perfect apple pie desert in Lagos (very warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream on the side) and your suggestions would be highly appreciated! :)
— M.A

FOLLY: I don't know where you can get this in a restaurant setting but if you'd be willing to buy the components. You get order Apple pie from Honey's Cupcakes and pair with your favourite brand of Ice-Cream.

Subject: Crew Meals

Message: Hello Guys
So I have a TV crew of about 5 South Africans and 3 Americans coming into town to join my Nigerian crew of about 6. Now even though we will be roving for most of the 4 day shoot we are hoping to be able to sit down to a meal on 2 out of those 4 days. I dont want anything special maybe lasagne, chicken, pasta, potatoes and traditional rice for Nigerians. If they can throw in a nice dessert and salads we will be grateful. Is there anyone we could go to to have this catered at a good price?
— M.A

FOLLY: I think you should check out Goodness Gracious Gourmet.

NOSA: Heels in the Kitchen is another option to check out.

Hey guys! The boo is celebrating his birthday in a week and id like to surprise him with a dinner with a handful of our friends. Where will you suggest in VI/Ikoyi/Lekki. Im not really particular about the cuisine but id like a nice quiet ambience.
— L.O

NOSA: Maybe Basilico.

FOLLY: or Taverna

Subject: Taking her out on our first date!!!

Message: Hi.
Have got a friend who I wanna take out on a date.i stay on the mainland.but location ain’t a barrier.i just need a place that’s quiet and serene,for the both of us.a place befitting for a date night.i would appreciate if you could suggest a few locations.than you.
— J.A

FOLLY: On the mainland, Orchid Bistro will definitely be quiet serene and cozy.

NOSA: Truffles might work for you. I didn't have the best experience there, but I ordered a salad so take with a pinch of salt. The fillet wasn't bad.

Subject: 21st Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi Guys,
Please, I’m looking for an appropriate venue for my 21st birthday dinner coming up on the 25th of April, for about 10-15 people. sumptuous 3 course meal/buffet, good ambience and nice picture venue. Budget : around 80k, somewhere on the island.
— B.I

FOLLY: Your budget might not give you a 3 course meal for 15 people at most restaurants, unless you're not including dessert and are serving your birthday cake as dessert. You can definitely get starters for the table to share and main courses at 8k per head (i.e. if you have only 10 people).

My recommendations are NOK by Alara, RSVP, and 411 Lagos.

NOSA: 80k is about 8k/head so you're not going to get any 3 course meal at any restaurant. Best bet is a buffet and at that price point, only Four Points or Wheatbaker are decent options. Four Points has the better view so you can go with that.

Or BLD, but that place is shit and idk why you would do that.

Hi Nosa and Folly,
I don’t even live in Lagos but I love food porn so I follow your Instagram and started reading your blog. Love it, I must say.
My best friends live in Lagos and I come once or twice a year on a turn up trip. This year, it’s going to be for my 25th birthday. So I need your help.
My birthday plan is hotel chilling with 6 of my girls, dress up together, go out to dinner, and then party, come back and crash and get nice breakfast the morning after.
So here’s where I need your help.
Where’s the best place to order a cake. Budget preferably under 15k.
Where would you recommend that we have a nice dress up dinner for 10 people that would cost around 50k, or maybe 60. (Including drinks, and preferably on the island.)
Where would you recommend we get breakfast. Something like a full English, or waffles or anything like that for 10. Budget is around maybe 30k. Or even a hotel or somewhere that has a nice buffet breakfast that you could recommend, would be great too.
The budget is flexible to about 20k above what I indicated. I’m looking to have the best best time and great food
I’m hoping somewhere we could like preorder menu or possibly make a table reservation or somewhere we don’t have to wait too long for our food.
And somewhere that would let us bring in a cake.
— S.A

FOLLY: Hey Sxxxx thanks for reading our blog!

For your birthday dinner, I think you should definitely do NOK by Alara. At 80 the budget will be VERY tight and you won't get more than one course but you may be able to make it work. 

NOSA: Your budget is a little light for what you want. 5-7k with drinks? Slim pickings here. You can go to Taverna and you can get pasta mains and a gin+tonic or spilt a couple bottles of wine amongst yourselves. 

FOLLY: For brunch, Churchill will sort you out and whilefor your cake, check out the Sweet Spot Bakery.