Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos LXXV

Subject: Useful Feedback

Message: You have a great website here, with a lot of useful content.

However, I’ve been here multiple times trying to figure out a new place to eat. But the website format makes that difficult to do. In all instances, I’ve left to tripadvisor or good old Google.

Your content is great for folks who find your back and forth banter about dishes satisfying, but its of little value to a wider audience that need to discover new restaurants and food fairly quickly.
— Ladi

NOSA: I take it, you're not a fan of our jokes. Fair enough, I guess. We'd have to poll our regulars, however. Don't want to alienate those guys. But, it's an idea. I'm not a big fan of what you're suggesting, however. I'm not trying to build a directory of Lagos restaurants. That's a little too "functional" for me. The idea, for me, was to build a readership (read: cult) that followed, or replicated, our adventures. To get some inside jokes going and whatnot. 

Maybe we can compromise and have a proper page with all the restaurants we've visited and what we think or frequently updated list of the best new restaurants in Lagos at a particular moment. The website is due for a redesign anyway. 

Subject: Nice restaurants on the mainland

Message: Hi,

I’m visiting Lagos in December and would love to take my girlfriend out to eat a few times. I’d love suggestions of nice restaurants we can go to on the mainland.

Thank you.
— O

NOSA: Orchid House, in Apapa, has the best Thai in Lagos. Orchid Bistro, in Ikeja, has a fantastic Shepherds Pie. 

FOLLY: I hear Orchid Bistro has reviewed their prices upwards significantly. 

Subject: Sport bar

Message: Okay I don’t know if you guys are drinkers but can you recommend any good pub or a good sports bar in ikeja or VI/lekki
— Big Ben Stan

NOSA: Pats Bar, definitely. There's that one in Dream Plaza, I forget the name, but it's not that good anyway. Go to Pats.

FOLLY: For Ikeja, The Londoners.

Subject: Dinner Date

Message: Hi, So my boyfriend and I have been through a rough patch and we are trying to reconnect. He wants to take me on a “proper” dinner date. He is not very experimantal with food, so I want you to recommend somewhere romantic,nice and not too pricey. Budget of 10k for each of us
— Michael Obj

NOSA:  RSVP isn't too busy these days so they're my pick. As long as you stay away from steak, your budget is sufficient. Otherwise, you can check out Verandah.

FOLLY: This is not a slight to him but not very experimental probably means Chinese food is safe enough for him, so I'd recommend RED at Eko Hotel

Subject: Hi

Message: Please how much is the buffet prices at Intercontinental hotel and radisson blu
— M.O

NOSA:  8-11k, I think. Not too sure.


Message: It’s my mums 58th birthday this Thursday and I’m trying to put together a surprise birthday dinner for her and about 10-15 friends. Every one will pay for themselves so budget isn’t really an issue, my mum and her crowd are big on like Chinese/oriental food so if you could recommend a place that’ll be great. Should be good for pictures plus great ambience. Thanks
— E

NOSA: RED was built exactly for this. It's typical Chinese food so it's nothing too alien and the view is wonderful.

FOLLY: Or Oriental Garden.

Subject: Help guys!!! Birthday dinner

Message: Hey nosa and folly so I need your suggestion on somewhere i can have my 25th birthday dinner! Somewhere very classy for 8-10k per head including drinks on the island on a Sunday. Thank youuu and I read every single post, you guys are amazing.
— S

NOSA: I think Talindo fits the description. What do you think, Folly?

FOLLY: Talindo is nice and it could work. I just can't remember their cocktails so I think you should head over there and try them out before committing just in case. 

Subject: Boozy Birthday Brunch

Message: My birthday is in November and I’m looking for a nice, not too expensive, venue to have a boozy brunch. I am not keen on hotel brunches and was wondering if there were any other suggestions.

— T.A

NOSA: I'd have said Southern Sun if you wanted a hotel because they're as boozy as it gets. Otherwise, I'd go with Craft Gourmet because they give you the more mimosa for your naira. I've measured.

FOLLY: Definitely, Craft Gourmet. Crust & Cream is another option if you insist on having Nigerian food on offer as well.