Art Cafe Got a Breakfast Menu

Art Cafe

282 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

0803 305 5901

FOLLY: Art Cafe is not new to us but we've never reviewed it. We've been here a number of times and I've tried a few of their sandwiches - my favorite is the Hot Caprese. It has mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto. 

We actually weren't aware that Art Cafe had some new menu additions before we decided to visit Art Cafe for this review so it was a pleasant surprise. 

NOSA: Art Cafe has really special place in my heart. I worked out of here a lot when I tried out the startup life for a month early last year.

With the addition of more "food" options, Art Cafe has evolved into a proper cafe. Almost like they found the missing piece.

FOLLY: I had the Monty Breakfast while Nosa had the BLT sandwich. There was a bit of confusion when his sandwich arrived, but I'll let him explain. 

NOSA: In other climes, a BLT is a Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich. At Art Cafe, it's a bit different. It's a Beef, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich. Minor, but significant difference. Imagine my confusion when there was no bacon in my sandwich

art cafe akin olugbade vi-4.jpg

NOSA: The sandwich was actually pretty tasty. They went with yaji spiced beef, i.e. suya, in it so I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I didn't enjoy, however, was the service. The service at Art Cafe is still as shambolic as it has ever been. It took over 30 mins to get a simple margarita. Folly was done with her drink before I got mine.

art cafe akin olugbade vi-3.jpg

FOLLY: The Full English at Art Cafe is not the best I've had and not the worst. I, however, feel it disappoints at the price point - N5500. Even if we take out N1000 for the included orange juice/coffee, it's N4500. 

art cafe akin olugbade vi-1.jpg

Breaking it down to its components, the eggs weren't fluffy at all and a little bit more done than I'd like. The mushrooms weren't grilled and tasted like they were from a can.

NOSA: And desperately needed salt.

art cafe akin olugbade vi-6.jpg

FOLLY: The chicken (I think) sausages were okay, as was the bacon. I'd have liked some butter with my toast but I didn't ask for it. 

But most importantly, as Nosa says "it was like the chef has a problem with salt" because both the eggs and the guacamole desperately needed salt. I really couldn't eat the guacamole until our constantly disappearing waitress appeared with a salt shaker. Salt issues aside, I liked the chunkiness of the guacamole and the onions - I love onions. 

art cafe akin olugbade vi-8.jpg

NOSA: The guac was way too heavy on the lemon also.  More importantly though, pita bread and guacamole don't work. Hummus? Yes. Guacamole? No.



FOLLY: I think as far as the breakfast is concerned, Art Cafe delivers very little bang for buck.  Churchill is a fraction of the cost and it's a lot better. I'd stick to Art Cafe for the sandwiches.

NOSA: The real selling point is the vibe. The outdoor area is breezy and the furniture is rustic enough to transport you to another world.

FOLLY: I'm torn between giving Art Cafe a like or a meh cause I really like Art Cafe but I didn't enjoy this breakfast, though it was filling.  

NOSA: I'll give it a "like" because I'll definitely revisit and going by our definitions, that's a "like".



Margarita - N3000

Full Monty - N5500

Guacamole - N2500

Grilled BLT - N4800

Wine (Glass) - N2500






Ah, it's a struggle. A disaster.