Anu Bello Culture: Make the Perfect Gizdodo

Since we've blown our entire food budget for the month at the CUT, we are forced to look inwards for the rice that is always at home.

JK we really haven't, we'll still bring you more reviews for the rest of the month. 

That said, this week, Anu Bello is sharing her Gizdodo recipe. It's super simple and you probably have all these ingredients at home with the exception of gizzard (unless you're just into gizzard like that) and the dijon mustard (cause you might be Nigerian if you're reading this).

Folly's tried it and can vouch for the recipe and the taste, so you should too.  

Check out her Goat Meat Fries recipe from last week here and you can keep up with Anu and her other food adventures on Instagram @fromlagoswithlove