Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos XX

Hi guys,

I’m trying to plan a nice outing with a few of my old friends and we’re totally lost on venue. The cool places seem pretty expensive and we want a relaxed place that doesn’t have that “restauranty” feel if you know what I mean. Just a nice outdoor chill thing.

Thank you
— S.O

FOLLY: Outdoor relaxed setting ? BBQ & Cravings or Posh Cafe

Subject: Birthday Dinner

Message: Hi guys! It’s my birthday soon and I wanted to have a dinner with about 25 of my friends. But I want to have it in a private room that doesn’t ask for a deposit of more than 50k. Any suggestions? Any type of cuisine expect Mex & Indian
— E.A

FOLLY: I honestly don't know much about private dining. 

NOSA: There's this place called Hole In The Wall that I found on Instagram. Private dining is their thing. Never tried it so I can't recommend off personal experience or give you more details. You can give them a call and get more details.

Oh, Mansilla has a private dining area too, but I'm not too sure how many people it can take. 

Subject: 21st Birthday

Message: Looking for where to do my 21st birthday. Somewhere super chill and cool and can take good pictures lol with GREAT food. Emphasis on the great. Not everyday food. Preferably a buffet. Preferably on the mainland. :)
— O.O

FOLLY: I noticed you put the great in caps and so the food is definitely important to you. Unfortunately, based on your requirement, I really doubt you'd get what you're looking for on the mainland. As Nosa says, every single picture at RSVP always bangs so that's an option if budget is not a constraint. 

NOSA:  I don't think I've ever encountered a buffet with "GREAT" good. You get decent food, but not great. Closest you'll get is that Sheraton in Ikeja.

Subject: Dinner For One

Message: Hi Folly & Nosa,
As you guys have lowkey not agreed to put me in any EDL lunch club *I’ve filled the Lunch Club form Over a 100 times * please can you guys suggest a place that I can just treat myself to , please don’t mention RSVP abeg . Before I start purging . I’m not on a budget so please hit me with as many ideas as possible

Thank you :)
— P.A

FOLLY: We absolutely don't choose who gets to come, we send emails out every month with the deets. Also, it could be that you didn't confirm your subscription after you submitted your email. Okay no RSVP, if you like sushi you can try Izanagi.  

NOSA: No budget? You have a lot of options then. You can try 1415 in Eko Signature or the new one, Crossroads. We've not tried Talindo but I've heard that's really good. Only reason we haven't tried it is because bank account no 'gree.