About Brunch Yesterday....


NOSA: I don’t even know where to start, but i feel like doing a recap of yesterday is necessary. Maybe for me to vent or to explain or to subtly ask for a hug. Necessary still.

FOLLY: Here are some pictures of the food some people got, while we lament the shit show that was yesterday. 


NOSA: Our brunch party was a disaster. There’s not sugar coating it because that’s just what it was. The food didn’t come out in order, people didn’t get food on time, and some just didn’t get some courses. I had zero fun and ate zero food so from a personal angle, it was a bit of a shambles too.


FOLLY: It's really funny because at some times I felt that it was my restaurant cause I was busting my ass serving tables and shit while the actual waitresses and waiters were acting like all the guests were bothering them (except Joseph - shout out to him). Literally, Nosa and I had a piece of paper taking orders and picking up used plates and taking people food because the staff didn't give a shit.

NOSA: For the most part, Folly and I became additional waiters.


FOLLY: One of the guests didn't even know I was the writer of the blog, because towards the end when I served her dessert when she asked when she'd get to meet me and Nosa.

NOSA: I really want to apologize to everyone that came for it and wasn’t satisfied.This is probably the 11th or 12th time we’re organizing an event like this and this is probably the worst one so far.

FOLLY: Definitely the worst cause every single Lunch Club has always been a good time. 

NOSA: Learning experience perhaps. 


NOSA: It’s really disappointing because EDL is something that’s really personal. For me, it is more than just a blog. EDL is what keeps me sane when I absolutely hate my 9-5. EDL is basis for this friendship Folly and I have. EDL is a very big deal to me. So if, like, the brand is being tarnished, it’ll hurt me a lot.

FOLLY: You may think that it's not that deep and we must be overreacting but as people were leaving irritated, I was wondering if they'd ever come to one of these things again.


NOSA: When a thing like yesterday happens, it’s a killer. When that one girl hissed and walked off as I tried apologizing for the service at Samantha’s, that hurt. Can’t blame her because I’d have done the same thing too. Samantha's more or less flushed her money down the toilet. 

FOLLY: We've been in really disorganized restaurants that things didn't go as planned but in the cases where management took ownership of the situation in order to fix things, it made all the difference.

NOSA: That was one major problem I had with the whole. I kept busting my ass like the restaurant was mine. If shit was going down the toilet and I had the staff join me in trying to make it up, perhaps I might not have been so upset. The whole attitude was like, "fuck these people, I've got other shit to do".

FOLLY: So much so that a couple of their regular customers walked up to me to attend to them. One wanted me to seat her and the other came up to me like 'I made a reservation for 2.30pm sort it out'. I had to give both of them the dirtiest 'I don't work here'. 

NOSA: The main cause of the mess, in my opinion, was the fact the restaurant wasn't reserved as a "private party". Might have been poor communication, but my understanding was that an event for 50 people would be a private event given how small the space at Samantha's Bistro is. Even if it wasn't a private event, the regular customers wouldn't have been treated to a menu that's wildly different from our brunch menu. There was a point where the kitchen abandoned our brunch stuff and started whipping up some burgers for some non-EDL people. I mean, I'm all for getting your money and shit, but that was definitely not cool. At. All. 



NOSA: To everyone that came, a big thank you. We promise we’ll make it up to you somehow.

Samantha’s is offering a free meal for everyone who left before they got all their courses. 

FOLLY: We'll be emailing each one of you individually about that. 

NOSA: As for us, we’ll probably take some time to figure out the Brunch Parties so yesterday doesn't happen again.

On the plus side, my watch said i achieved my allocated 12hrs of standing. Go me!