Metisse is your Reward for Giving Cafe Royale Another Chance


267A, Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.

01 271 4155


NOSA: I can't believe it has taken us this long for the blog to get an actual review of Metisse. Well, I know why. We can't stand the food at Cafe Royale so we avoided that matryoshka of a restaurant building.

FOLLY: Here's a link to the definition of matryoshka since Nosa decided to take some time to upgrade his vocabulary over the flood. 

NOSA: Metisse has straight up South-East Asian menu.

FOLLY: As stated in their restaurant description. 

NOSA: I expected it to be one of those "continental" spots littered all over Lagos. And the space is gorgeous too. Perfect for team dinners and whatnot.

FOLLY: Except for the cocktail menu that they share with Cafe Royale, they deliver exactly what they promise in terms of cuisine which must be commended for a Lagos restaurant.

NOSA: Exactly, it’s not entirely free from Cafe Royale and perhaps we haven't been in a while because the prices are almost double!


FOLLY: We started with the samosas and Bangkok style chicken wings. 

NOSA: The samosa was open-faced? Deconstructed? The first time I've ever seen samosa served this way. I'm definitely a fan. It brought out the spices in the beef.

FOLLY: Yes, the presentation format definitely encouraged the chef to focus on the beef because it wasn’t being hidden away underneath layers of pastry. It needed to be photogenic and presentable so it wasn’t fried till it was black and had lost all color.


Taste wise, it was a very Thai take on a samosa and tasted just like a green curry in the body of an open face samosa. If that sentence was too long for you, just know it tasted delicious.

NOSA: The chicken was what we call crossfit chicken wings


FOLLY: Aka hard and unapproachable chickens

NOSA: Did it even look like chicken?

FOLLY: Yup, it looked like a chicken lollipop. I think it was a drumette with a mohawk aka shaved down sides to it would have a leaner bone. 

NOSA: The marinade was great though.

FOLLY: I disagreed because I actually didn’t like the marinade. It was way too sweet to be called Bangkok chicken wings. Thai food is a lot more savory than sweet so if we’re naming something after the Thai capital, I expect it to be true to the name. 

NOSA: I was bit apprehensive, but the Caramel Glazed Chicken that I had as my main was an absolute winner. Loved it!


FOLLY: I loved this too. My pedestrian self was expecting caramel as in salted caramel forgetting that it was likely from the caramelized onions that dish got it's name. I loved the onions and it also helped that they used the proper sweet kind. 

NOSA: It comes with a side of steamed rice. A tiny side, but that's not the point. The chicken is fantastic so just order an extra side of it bothers you so much.


FOLLY: I 100 per cent ordered the Vietnamese Beef Pho this for science. If you’re one of those people that have DM”d, commented, email to ask where you can find pho in Lagos, I ordered this for you. Not cause I had any interest. 

I’ve ordered pho once before at a Vietnamese restaurant in Canada and I didn’t (and still don’t) understand it as a concept. They cook the beef with minimal spices. They also cook noodles in that same broth and serve it to you with some more spices to, you know, adjust to taste.  


FOLLY: My problem with pho then (the first time I had it) and now is that I found it bland. So in summary, did I enjoy it? No. Was it bad? Probably not, it just wasn't for me. 



NOSA: Metisse surprised me. I never expected to like it as much as did. Like finding love in a hopeless place.

FOLLY: I loved every thing apart from my main but I saw that coming. I ordered the Pho as an experiment.



Samosa - N2500

Bangkok Chicken Wings - N3000

Vietnamese Beef Pho - N3500

Caramel Thai Glazed Chicken - N4500



Yeah. They have parking. 

A Nigerian Version of Come Dine With Me?

Two years ago, we did a joke-post about reimagining popular cooking shows as Nigerian.

So this one is a no brainer. Why isn’t it a show already? Nigerians are the undisputed Shade World Champs. Imagine an Igbo woman saying “ndi ofe nnmanu” under her breath after tasting Yoruba stew?
— Nosa

Looks like someone else was thinking the same thing and actually made it happen.


We're not going to lie, we're a bit intrigued. Especially after seeing the trailer today:


The name could have been a lot different, however. Switching out "Dine" for "Chop" is a bit lazy.

Folly's Favorite Cocktails

FOLLY: Bottomless drinks are basically a buffet of drinks. And given how much Nigerians love buffets, this should naturally be a thing on it's own. Speaking of cocktails, I can't say that I'm very adventurous. I literally have four drinks I always order, and one that is my fall back when I want something non alcoholic. 


Moscow Mule

MOscow mule.jpeg

The first time I ordered this it was because I wanted the copper mug that it's usually served in. Ginger beer used to be my ish when I was younger, so the light ginger-y flavor you get won me over and it became more than just my interest in the funky cup.




Strawberry, please. Most margs are usually more syrup than tequila or anything else but I'm not complaining. If you served me a proper strong margarita shaken and with a salt rim, I definitely would give it back to you in exchange for the syrup- blended concoction. 


Pina Colada

This is my fall back drink when I don't want something alcoholic. In Lagos, Casa Lydia/Foundry make a really nice once - at least they used to but I haven't been in a while and things change FAST in this city.  




This is probably my favorite drink to be honest. I order it every time I get a chance. I hate the leaves that usually get in the way, but I love the sweetness and the fact that it involves rum - my absolute favorite liquor. 



Very similar to a mojito but I can't pronounce the name - SMH. I think the difference is that this has a more pronounced lime flavor.


Now, YOUR turn. What are some of your favorite cocktails.

Don't forget to stop by La Taverna Lekki this weekend. Food and drink, per head, will set you back about N6,500 this weekend. RSVP here

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 99

NOSA: Folly is super busy today so you guys might have to make do with just me on Ask today. Don't worry, I know stuff too.

Like always, for the simple-ish questions, ask the bot. For everything else, ask us...or just me in this case.

Subject: Garden/Waterview Vibe

Message: Hi Guys,
I love reading your reviews. I have a question, it’s non-food related but I think you might be able to help me out. I need to find a garden with a waterview for a wedding in Lagos. Would you happen to know of any locations besides Ibru Gardens?
Thank you in advance for entertaining my non-food related question!
— Abi Folz

NOSA: BIC Gardens is the first place that comes to mind and it's no where as good as Ibru. Another option, though, is Federal Palace Hotel. They have that lawn area that hosts the expat food festival.

Subject: Can i join you....?

Message: Hello Nosa and Folly,

I am a great fan! I am relatively new in Lagos and I really love your blog and so far the great recommendations on your site have lived up to expectations. I have a wild random suggestion, can i join the two of you in one of your upcoming restaurant reviews? You can just email time and venue and i will show up.

Kind Regards,
— Walter

NOSA: Issa bit weird. What if you're one of the people that wants to kick our ass? Not taking that risk.

Subject: Surprise Dinner for Fiance

Message: Hi,
I’m thinking of having a surprise birthday dinner for my fiancé. Approximately 12 people, good ambience, good food and drinks- wine inclusive. Talindos steak house is being considered but need more options. Budget is 100k, but can squeeze in a few more.

— Tika D

NOSA: Tarragon, for me. If "fine dining" isn't your thing, however, I say you try 1415 (Eko Signature) or RSVP.

Subject: Ask Eat Drink

Message: Hey guys!

I have been craving duck for the longest time. Are there any restaurants in Lagos that serve quality duck dishes?

Thank you
— AM

NOSA: The new menu at RSVP has a duck dish on it apparently. Haven't been so I can't give you my thoughts on it.

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#DayDrinkLagos: Bottomless Margaritas at La Taverna (Lekki) this Weekend

Remember when EDL used to have events and stuff? Feels like such a long time ago, doesn't it? Well, we're back-ish and we're trying to do some day drinking this weekend.

We had a little chat with Chef Cristian from La Taverna and he has convinced Olmeca to give us a couple (more than a couple) bottles for some tequila-induced fun.

Because margaritas are involved, it's only right that we do this at La Taverna (Lekki) with its Tex-Mex menu. Like, that's the decent thing to do.

Our biggest challenge with the Lunch Club and all our events has been keeping ticket costs down. We aren't really trying to host any events we can't afford to attend and if we can't attend, why would anyone else do the same. We're young and broke millennials like you guys so anything that involves money leaving the account is no bueno. That said, nothing in life is free, unfortunately. Food and drink, per head, will set you back about N6,500 this weekend.

We can't wait to see you guys this weekend!