Peppercorn Avenue Marries Thai and Indian in Lekki

Peppercorn Avenue

6A Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Street, Lekki One, Lagos

0808 972 7313

NOSA: So we got this question on Twitter a couple of days ago,

NOSA: There is an abundance of places to eat in Lekki, but the bulk are terrible. Given all the development and its slow devolution to Festac (no shade), no one has thought to build more decent spots to eat in Lekki. 

FOLLY: Yeah, Nosa is absolutely rude. 

NOSA: The menu at Peppercorn Avenue is 50% Indian and 50% Thai. It's also color-coded for good measure.

FOLLY: Most times when a restaurant has multiple cuisines, they have an Encarta volume as their menu and it's all pretty bad. I appreciate that Peppercorn, in spite of offering both Indian and Thai, was able to keep their menu both streamlined and organized.

NOSA: We went Thai with our starters, ordered the Momos, Por Pia Chae, and Kai Yang.

Momos are dumplings. They were a bit thicker than gyoza or the dumplings you'd get at a Chinese restaurant. That said, I really liked them too.

FOLLY: The texture and taste of the dough/casing, I'm not sure what the technical term is, was very similar to a pancake. 

NOSA: Dumpling packet? Dumpling container?

A bit of a random funny story, an Indian minister wants momos banned.

Por pia chae are Thai-style spring rolls. I'm a bit of a neophyte with Thai food, but is there any difference Thai-style spring rolls and regular spring rolls? Because the por pia chae weren't like regular spring rolls. The crust was a lot thicker and as a result, absorbed more oil, which bothered me.

FOLLY: It's like they used multiple layers of the phyllo pastry. 

NOSA: Per the menu, kai yang is synonymous with Thai street food. It's probably their "suya". In some restaurants, it's listed as "Thai Barbecue Chicken"

The chicken was super tender and tasted like it got punched to submission. This is a good thing, by the way.

FOLLY: Yeah, mate the chicken was definitely pounded with a hammer. Not a regular hammer, the meat hammer kind of hammer. 

NOSA: You have to order these if you check out Peppercorn Avenue.

Kai Yang

You have to order these if you check out Peppercorn Avenue.

NOSA: For our mains, we went with the most obvious items on the menu. I did Indian, while Folly did Thai.

FOLLY: Naturally, I love Thai food and I love pad thai. I’ve eaten so many so I feel like I can be a good judge. 

NOSA: I ordered the Chicken Tandoori and the Cheese & Olive Kulcha. The absence of cheese naan on the menu made me a sad panda, but cheese kulcha felt close enough. The big difference is the use of a leavening agent. Naan uses yeast, while kulcha uses baking soda. So yeah, it's basically the same thing. The kulcha was delicious but the dip made me a bit nauseous. 

Peppercorn Avenue 5.jpg

FOLLY: Yeah, I didn’t try this. Olives, cheese, and naan it was a no for me. 

NOSA: The chicken tandoori was absolutely perfect. Tender chicken seems to a be running theme at Peppercorn. Shouts to them for not serving Crossfit chickens. 

FOLLY: I guess we can conclude that they do amazing things to chicken here. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of beef pad thai. EVERYBODY knows that beef pad thai is the bizness, everything else is counterfeit. Quote me outside!

NOSA: I wasn't a big fan of the pad Thai, to be honest. It tasted a bit off.

FOLLY: That it did. There were a number of stray vegetables including carrots and mushroom. I have nothing against either but both have no place in a pad thai. It was also a bit tasteless and dry.

FOLLY: It definitely needed a lot more seasoning. 

NOSA: Again, why mushrooms?



NOSA: Like HSE, Lekki doesn't deserve Peppercorn Avenue. A Thai place in Lekki? Come off it! That said, Peppercorn is a lot stronger with their Indian food compared to the Thai. The Thai is at Pattaya's level, some ways off Orchid House

FOLLY: It’s still very far from Orchid House but well above Pattaya’s level. Don’t let Nosa lie to you.



Momos - N1800

Kai Yang - N2800

Chicken Pad Thai - N2700

Tandoori Chicken - N2700

Cheese & Olive Kulcha - N1800

Vegetable Spring Rolls - N550



The parking situation is a bit of a disaster.

Ask Eat.Drink.Lagos 95

I was wondering where to get the best bread and butter pudding in Lagos. It’s for my pregnant friend who has an intense craving. Help!
— Z

FOLLY: You can order from SALT Lagos. Disclaimer: I've never had it, only seen pictures on Instagram.

Subject: My 21st Birthday

Message: Hi Folly & Nosa!! My 21st birthday is coming up in July and I am looking for a nice, cool and fun place for my friends and I to hang out... pls help!!! I am a chronic introvert and I don’t know anywhere but it should be affordable ooo... thank you.. xoxo...

FOLLY: I don’t have enough information to make a suggestion. So my advise is to use the bot to pick a place based on budget, location and headcount and then use blog reviews to determine which of the suggestions works best for the ambience you’re going for. 


Subject: Need advice on dinner

Message: Good evening,

Need your advice on dinner for 2 at Basilico Italian Restaurant with a price range of ten thousand each. I tend to be conservative with food, but my spouse is on the adventurous side with food. and i have not done Italian before, so i am totally blank.

Thank you

FOLLY: If your budget is 10k each, I’d advise against Basilico.

NOSA: Yeah, abort mission on Basillico.

FOLLY: You can probably check our Talindo or 1415.

NOSA: Actually, check out La Verandah. It's my favorite one.

Subject: Birthday DATE with the boyfriend

Message: Hi guys,

So my boyfriend’s birthday is coming up soon.....and I really want to take him out for fine dinning, the only thing is that he is super selective(NOT A FAN OF THAI,INDIAN OR ASIAN FOOD) & also I feel we have been to most of the romantic spots in Lagos...So please advise on where I can take him to that has an amazing ambience and a diverse menu...Budget is 25,000...:)

Many thanks.
— S.O

FOLLY: Utopia.

Ask us anything!

La Brioche Serves an Underrated Brunch

La Brioche

22 Musa Yaradua St,. Victoria Island, Lagos

0818 842 1861

FOLLY: We've been to La Brioche before. May last year soon after they opened. Here's that review. Nosa snuck there recently without telling me and discovered they had a new brunch special menu. He then had to confess to me about his sneaky nature because he wanted us to review the brunch special. Anything hidden under the sun shall surely come to light, amirite? 

NOSA: Smh false. 

FOLLY: Their mimosas are pretty affordable. You can order two and get a main and just be a little bit over N6000 pp. I think that's awesome for brunch in Lagos. You may disagree that's your problem.

NOSA: No, it's a surprisingly "affordable" brunch. I don't want to use the word "cheap" because you Nigerians think that means it's rubbish and it isn't. As far as value goes, you're getting the same quality of product you'd get at a Craft Gourmet at a fraction of the price.

FOLLY: I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Waffles, while Nosa had the Open Faced Omelette.

I didn't try Nosa's omelette but they sure do know how to make and bake bread at La Brioche. I only had a tiny piece of Nosa's slice could have eaten the whole loaf if given the opportunity. 

NOSA: The brioche toast is to die for

NOSA: It's not the most photogenic meal I've ever had, but it certainly did a job. Ok, maybe I'm understating it, it was actually pretty delicious.

FOLLY: In one word, my chicken & waffles were overwhelming. If you read this blog a lot you'd know describing my meal in one word is something I often do. 

On one hand, it was overwhelming because the food was like a mountain, it was a lot of food for me to consume on my own.

NOSA: The chicken was YUUUUUGE, word to Trumpito.

FOLLY: Secondly, it was overwhelming because the waffles were thick and dense and I had to be so intentional in cutting it that the whole exercise of it wore me out and I ate just one of the two pieces. 

NOSA: I have a little theory on it.

Without syrup, the waffle is a bit bland and it might be on purpose because the Chicken has a strong savory flavor. It misses a trick because the true appeal of chicken & waffles is the strange mish mash of sweet and savory. The conflicting flavor profile is where its strength lies.

FOLLY: What I did like about my meal was that the chicken was well flavored, the skin was crispy and it was a boneless piece. I'm not a chef but fixing the doughy nature waffles can be improved is actually quite simple

  1. using lighter flour - I hope for the love of God, the chef didn't accidentally use bread flour in this
  2. separating the egg whites from the yolk.

Also a dash of sugar in these waffles would have gone a long way. Nosa seems to think that ommission was intentional though. 

NOSA: I understand their vision, but I completely disagree. It's great if you're a tyro to chicken & waffles because you don't get the conflict and it sorta eases you into the concept gently. You almost feel like it's a bread and chicken sandwich, but that's not the point of chicken & waffles.

There needs to be a fine balance between the two flavor profiles. At Craft Gourmet, they forfeit flavor in the chicken while La Brioche does away with the sweetness of the waffle. It's a bit of a shame because both can coexist.



FOLLY: The brunch special menu is streamlined with just four items on it. I hear the smoked salmon eggs benedict is the Bizness. They just need to improve their waffle and that'll also be a hit. 

NOSA: Despite everything, I think this is better than our review suggests. There are some hiccups, but it's a quality brunch.



Americano - N700

Mimosa - N1500

Puff Pastry - N550

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle - N3400

Open Faced Omelette - N3300



Yes, Off Street

EDL Weekender: A Dennis Osadebe Exhibition and an Iftar Menu

EAT: Honey's Brownie Cheesecake

NOSA: Ordered this for Folly a couple of days ago.

FOLLY: My favorite brownie was from a store on the U.Va. campus. Unfortunately, they changed the recipe and never made the brownie like that again. Anyways, that was the past. Honey’s brownie cheesecake is officially the best brownie I’ve ever had. It’s sooo good.

The cheesecake layer is thinner than I thought it would be, but I love the OVER generous drizzle of caramel. The brownie layer is very rich too, not just chocomilo


EAT: The Ramadan Menu at NOK

NOSA: I'm not fasting, but from the instagrams I've seen, the Ramadan menu at NOK looks so so good.


LAGOS: Remember the Future Exhibition

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 9.43.36 AM.png
Generator-powered rockets launching Nigerian astronauts into space. Nigeria seems to be growing its taste for the great unknown, the final frontier. But what will ‘Nigeria in space’ look like using the context of today’s happenings? And what does technology mean for the realities of everyday Nigerian life? “Remember the Future” is a visual journey into Nigeria’s analogue past and its digital present. The Exhibition explores the idea of mixing traditional materials and crafts with technology and new media. The aim is to question the realities about Nigeria’s contemporary society, including those of power, class, and gender whilst suggesting possibilities for the future.

EMEKA: The whole concept has me interested! 

NOSA: To find out more visit:

The other deets...

Time: 4:00PM - 9:00PM

Fee: Open to All

Location: Red Door Gallery, 51b Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos


BONUS: CATHARSIS: An Exhibition - Ramon Shitta & Stacey Okparavero

Catharsis, which deals with purification and cleansing via purgation, explores two distinct artists and their use of artistic process to release repressed emotion. Ramon Shitta’s works deal with questions of mental health by exploring images and memories that he had during a period of intense depression. Stacey Okparavero plays with lines to create amorphous forms. She claims that once pen, pencil, rope or copper - some of the many materials she works with- touches her canvas, she is directed through the cathartic process to release these forms. 16/16 is pleased to announce our newest exhibition with works by these two talented artists. Join us on Sunday, June 4th from 2PM to 7PM.

NOSA: Ramon is a friend so you guys should check his exhibition out.

Time: 2:00PM - 7:00PM

Fee: Open to All

Location: 16/16, 8th Floor, Flat 16, 16 Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island (The Old Defence House, opposite the Institute of International Affairs).

Introducing Chef KD Prime, aka Kolawole Dosunmu

FOLLY: ICYMI, EDL is expanding. In addition to the reviews from my good self and Nosa, we will have a couple of contributors writing for the site from time to time. So far, we've had Joseph write on his love affair with White Soup and Mrs. Kush on her struggle with diets. 

Today, I'd like to introduce Chef KD Prime. He says he's never written before so please don't be too harsh on him (lol). He'll be writing for EDL on a variety of topics that he finds interesting which may include alcohol, motorcycles, food, cars and his general views on the human race. 

The first thing I ever cooked was eggs when I was seven years old. I found it so fascinating that you could take a few humble ingredients, add salt, oil, and heat, and voila! You end up with a finished dish that looks nothing like its constituent parts and is bloody tasty too.


Chef KD Prime

"I am a self-taught chef with a wide repertoire – I cook Italian, Russian, Chinese, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Classic American, the almighty Nigerian, and other cuisines"

Years later, when I was fifteen, my mother told me to boil some rice. It was out of the blue, and I was terrified.  I had seen grown women get rice wrong, so I was worried it might end up burnt, or undercooked, or too watery, or too salty…

It turned out that the cooking gods didn’t have my back, and I produced a crunchy, soggy mess that was barely edible.  My mother encouraged me to keep trying until I got it right, and I took it as a personal challenge to perfect the art of rice cooking.

I lived with my sister, and she worked and was hardly home. So, I became a cook by necessity. I watched cooking shows to improve my technique and began to experiment with different dishes. Later, while in university, my cooking talents came in handy in meeting women (wink wink… this is a topic for another time).

Fast forward to today, I am a self-taught chef with a wide repertoire – I cook Italian, Russian, Chinese, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Classic American, the almighty Nigerian, and other cuisines.

Cooking has become more than a hobby for me, it is now a part of my retirement plan. Over the next few months, I will use this forum to let you guys in on my thoughts on life in general and to share my unique views on several topics that are relevant to me. I might even tell you the story of how this engineering entrepreneur decided to take up cooking professionally at the young age of 44!

Till next time.