Looking for Kid-Friendly Easter Brunch? Nok Has Got You

Still struggling with Easter brunch plans?

This Easter, contemporary African restaurant and an Eat.Drink.Lagos fave, , Nok by Alara is giving their Sunday brunch a family friendly twist. There will be an Easter egg hunt for the kids and paint class by Paint the Night Africa.

Oh,  there will be usual brunch fare like the wonderfully delicious peanut crusted chicken. To reserve, call 0908 561 4815 or email reservations@nokbyalara.com

Nok by Alara is at 12 Akin Olugbade Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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EDL Weekender: Chicken Press, Happy Hour & MovieNic

EAT: Chicken Press @ Casper & Gambini's


FOLLY: This sandwich combines "grilled chicken breast, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, mushroom, sun-dried tomato and mayonnaise" on freshly toasted ciabatta in the most perfect way.


DRINK: #EggNok at Nok by Alara

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FOLLY: I love the play on words. I do wish they were serving eggnog though cause I really like it. It's an evening of Easter egg decorating and they are giving away free drinks to the most artsy eggs. 


LAGOS: MovieNic - April 16, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 2.22.35 PM.png

EMEKA*: It's  another chance to #GetOutside.  Doors open at 5:30 PM for you to enjoy the day before the movies starts. Don't forget to bring snacks, a bottle & a blanket!  See You Sunday! 

Time: Picnic - 5.30 PM; Movie - 7.00 PM
Fee: N500
Location: Cafe Neo, 19b Adeyemi Lawson, Ikoyi 

So Fresh Salads Are Well... So Fresh!

So Fresh

Order Online

0802 181 5000

NOSA: Before Lagos fully caught the fitness bug, there was So Fresh. When I moved back a couple years again, So Fresh on Awolowo was the only place I knew you could get a smoothie.

A lot has changed since then. Lots of food vendors have entered the fitness lane and crowded So Fresh's, once niche, space. When things like that happen, you can only evolve as business and evolve is what it appears So Fresh has done.

FOLLY: For Nigeria, So Fresh has a sophisticated online ordering system. 

NOSA: Very seamless process and they deserve props for that.

FOLLY: The healthy food vendors want us all to get our healthy fix and not blame them for lack of payment problems.

NOSA: It's 2017, Paystack didn't die for this payment on delivery stress.

FOLLY: Both Smoothie Express and So Fresh are well ahead of their peers in, first of all, offering website order and, more importantly, incorporating online payment into said order. Most of the companies are still in the "Text/Call/Whatsapp to order".

It's also a plus that both Smoothie Express and So Fresh deliver all over Lagos, so it shows they are committed to getting Lagosians healthy - love it. 

NOSA: Impressive delivery range.

FOLLY: Initially, when I started the order process for So Fresh, I wasn't in a review mindset. I just wanted something healthy and non-carby to have for lunch as the office caterers are literally trying to kill me with rice.

so freh ikoyi opebi.jpg

When I was trying to choose my salad and I noticed So Fresh's new robust online ordering platform. Immediately, I hit Nosa up on a "hey you should also order this so that we could do a review on it" thing.

NOSA: I wasn't really feeling like a salad so I went with the Chicken Wrap and the Day Starter smoothie.

FOLLY: Out of about six salad options and >10 smoothies/juices, I settled on the Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad and Morning Zing. 

My salad was a mix of lettuce, cabbage, sweet corn, carrots grapes, and chicken. While my smoothie the Morning Zing was a blend of kale, lettuce, banana and pineapple. 

so frsh sald ikoyi.jpg

The Morning Zing tasted exactly like a smoothie I used to make for myself  sometime ago with ugwu. It didn't taste the slightest bit grassy because the leaves were well blended. I would have liked to see a bit more pineapple for sweetness. Two thumbs up to So Fresh on the transportation of the smoothie because it arrived cold, still frozen with little to no condensation on the cup container.

NOSA: My wrap arrived cold and my smoothie arrived warm. A bit of a weird role reversal going on. Such a shame because the smoothie was quality and at the right temperature, this would've been straight thumbs up from me.

so fresh chicken wrap

The wrap, on the other hand, wasn't for me. For a chicken wrap, there was way more potato than chicken in it.

Yes, potato. It's apparently their take on it.

I am a bit scared to call it outright rubbish because perhaps it is an acquired taste. And in that line of thought, it truly isn't for me.

FOLLY: The salad also left me impressed. I was especially delighted when I saw the size and quantity of the grapes. The default is that most food service companies skimp on the imported/more expensive ingredients and just fill up the salad with lettuce and cabbage, but So Fresh defied my expectations.



Furthermore, the name of the salad couldn't have been more perfect: the chicken was spicy but not peppery hot, and the grapes and the dressing provided the sweetness. I can't review this salad without mentioning the packaging because I loved the fact that I could drizzle my dressing, seal the container and then shake it to toss my salad - it stresses me out when I have to empty a to-go salad from its container to perform this important step. 

NOSA:  Last thing, N500 for VI delivery is ridiculously steep. I am ordering from the Ikoyi store. VI is a walk away.



FOLLY: So Fresh delivers in the quality and freshness of its food, ingredients and customer service. 

NOSA: Unlike Folly, I'll never order from So Fresh again. You might have to hold me at gun point before I consider and even at that, dying might feel better than my chicken wrap tasted.

FOLLY: My order took longer than the advised 90 minutes to be delivered but the customer service rep on the other side of the phone was polite and knowledgeable. Even though she couldn't reach the rider at that moment, she could tell me the exact time my order left their store and assured me that it'll be with me soonest. And sure enough, no sooner than 5 minutes after that call, my order arrived. 



Sweet & Spicy Chicken Salad - N2000

Morning Zing (Cup) - N1200

Chicken Wrap - N1500

Day Starter (Cup) - N1200



Varies by location.

We've Found Orchid Bistro's Island Location

Orchid Bistro is Coming to Awolowo Road

Creep ting finally paid off.

A bit of shame it has to be Awolowo Road though (Technically, it's Raymond Njoku) because Awolowo Road is the worst strip in this fine state. The absolute worst. I (Folly) hope there's parking. 


Road Chef is Opening a Second Location

Lekki's favorite 24-hour fast food is finally getting their second location....in Ajah.

I'm surprised it's taken them this long actually. Fully expected them to be in every nook and cranny of Lagos when they launched.


Eat.Drink.Lagos Videos?

It's been on our planner for ages now, but we think we're finally ready now. Or at least ready to give it a shot. We've bought a tripod and everything.

The inspiration for our first stab at video is our Taste Test series where we compare one item from a couple of vendors. A couple of weeks ago, we shot a screen test with some internet friends in a dark room (smh on our part). The video is pretty rough around the edges, but it has given us an idea of where we want it to go and how we want it to look. 


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Papa's Grill is a Needed Addition to Lekki's Evolving Restaurant Landscape

Papa's Grill

Plot 1 Adewale Oshin Street, Off Fola Osibo, Lekki One, Lagos

0806 037 6491

FOLLY: I understand that Nigeria is a very religious society but why don't more businesses open on Sundays?

NOSA: My boss usually talks about how businesses shape customer behavior. GTBank, for instance, tries to push their customers to online channels by offering limited service in branches. In the same way, Nigerian businesses probably want you to go to church by not opening early on Sundays or not opening at all.

FOLLY: I get that everybody needs days of rest but that's exactly the point why restaurants tend to take Monday off. 

NOSA: Or maybe the owners are churchgoers.

FOLLY: I have no data to back this up but for N250,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, I'd definitely answer that restaurants make highest sales on weekend days as opposed to weekdays. If that is true, it would then make little to no sense not to open on a Sunday. Except, of course, you're a deeply religious business owner like Chick Fil-A.

The purpose of this mini rant was to obviously let you know that the first time we tried to visit Papa's Grill on a Sunday we discovered that they were not open. 

NOSA: Predicatably, this was deeply upsetting.

FOLLY: I did the ordering and I was pretty disappointed by the lack of options. On the day, Papa's Grill was more a chicken wing shop than a grill place because almost all beef options were unavailable. 

NOSA: A nice looking wing shop, to be fair. I really really loved the set up at Papa's Grill. It's like food truck, but in a building. It doesn't look like a truck, don't get me wrong, but it has this food truck vibe. You'll understand when you pay a visit.

FOLLY: I ordered Chicken Bites, Sweet and Tangy Wings, Orijin BBQ Wings, Fried Plantain, and Papa's Gizdo. For the most part I was largely underwhelmed by Papa’s Grill and nothing really stood out on my taste buds. 

NOSA: Folly didn't get a picture of it, but the Crispy Bites are the closest thing you'll find to chicken nuggets in Lagos.

papas grill lekki-5.jpg

FOLLY: The plantain in the Gizdo was pretty firm and the gizzard was tender. It tasted okay but not memorable, and so in one word: basic.

NOSA: I'm not the biggest gizdo fan in the world so my opinion shouldn't count for much. I'll go as far as saying plantain is a bit overrated.

Fried Yam > Fried Plantain.

What we really need is YamDo, but we'll get into that on another day.

FOLLY: YamDo sounds awful.

papas grill lekki-7.jpg

FOLLY: Of the two wing styles, I preferred the sweet and tangy. The chicken wings weren't hard chicken but it could have been a little bit more tender. I didn’t notice it on the flats, but the drumettes were exhausting to eat and often times I gave up. 

NOSA: I preferred the Orijin BBQ wings. They had a more interesting flavor, if you ask me, and the whole idea of it is pretty genius. At a party some time ago, the guy working the grill made beer can chicken, but with Orijin. It's probably one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten in my life.

FOLLY: Yeah, that chicken was absolutely amazing. The Orijin BBQ at Papa's Grill, unfortunately, tasted nothing like that instance. 

NOSA: The Orijin BBQ wings brought back those fond memories. You might argue that they truly didn't have a more interesting flavor and I'm judging based on nostalgia. You might be right too, but either way, order these when you swing by Papa's Grill.

papas grill lekki-15.jpg

FOLLY: The other times I’ve ordered plantain as a side they were cut in strips similar to yam fries and weren't oily.

NOSA: Error.

FOLLY: These were like plantains that you’d eat with jollof rice and two meat, and so a bit out of place if you’d ask me. 

papas grill lekki-12.jpg

NOSA: On the whole, Papa's Grill is the grill version of Denzel Washington. Denzel s not going to give you any performances out of the ordinary, but within his range, he gets the job done.



FOLLY: Overall, Papa’s Grill was good enough but it didn’t leave me with any strong feelings for or against it.

NOSA: Given the context of Lagos, this is a "LIKE". Sure, you might not leave with any strong feelings towards it, but you have to commend how "solid" it is. They don't get too adventurous with it, but they are adventurous enough. Folly is trippin'

FOLLY: FYI, it's a shack so it's a grab and go place for the most part. 



Crispy Bites - N1000

Papa's Gizdo - N1500

Orijin BBQ Chicken Wings - N1500

Papa's 90 Sweet & Tangy - N2000



Street Parking