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Stout Wars: Guinness v Legend

FOLLY: A few weeks ago Nosa put out a joke about Legend being the drink of choice for armed robbers and Twitter NG got upset. 

NOSA: I said what I said. 

FOLLY: The responses ranged from the handler of this account needs to be fired, a brand can't come for another brand, and that we'd just lost ourselves an endorsement from Legend. The last one made me howl. 

NOSA: Look, if you’re a discerning drinker, it’s even a thing to be discussed. If you like your stouts, there’s no way you can like Legend. It’s way too light and is not as creamy as the old Legend ads suggested it would be. 

FOLLY: I really enjoy making our Taste Test videos so all the engagement gave me the idea for this one. It also gave us a chance to reshoot a stout video because we'd previously shot one last year but the footage was unusable due to sound issues. You might have noticed our video equipment has improved significantly since then. I disgress, 

We rounded a few friends of the blog who don't normally drink stout to get their novice opinion on the drink. We first asked them if they could tell the difference from looking or smelling, then they placed their guesses. Next, they tasted blind and then they re-confirmed their guesses. 

FOLLY: Oddly enough, most people like the supposed drink of choice for armed robbers. Will Nosa have to redact his tweet....

NOSA: Well, they’re wrong and I’m right.  Only the non-stout drinkers liked Legend and that’s because Legend tries it’s hardest to not be a decent stout.

Eat.Drink.Lagos x Wings N Sides Blazing Hot Challenge

A couple weekends ago we did something crazy. Inspired by Hot Ones, we invited three daring readers to try the Wings N Sides Blazing Hot Challenge for our "EDL TV". The challenge, which has been a thing since Wings N Sides opened their physical location in December, is to eat 12 super HOT chicken wings in 3 minutes without drink any water or milk.

If for some crazy reason, this video has motivated you to take the challenge. You can attempt it at Wings N Sides in Lekki any day they are open. 

And if you have attempted already, how did you do?

Eat.Drink.Lagos Taste Test: Champagne!

Contrary to what a lot of people think, there's a clear difference between cheap and expensive alcohol. Hennessy VSOP, for instance, is miles away from Hennessy XO. Expensive champagne, too, tastes very different when compared to cheap champagne (technically, cheap sparkling wine). The first tell sign is that it also looks very different when poured - that's probably the quality of the grapes and the aging process showing.

You might doubt it, but we ran a little experiment to test our hypothesis. A couple weekends ago, we got a few friends of the blog and EDL readers together for this very fun video. We wanted to see if people could tell the difference between cheap vs expensive champagne. 

They were mostly right in the sight test but some people got a bit confused during the tasting phase. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Is There a Difference Between Restaurant Nkwobi and Buka Nkwobi?

We've had this longstanding theory about local food: the dingier the joint, the better the food. From Mexican food in San Antonio to Amala in Surulere, this theory is held up for the most part. Not satisfied, we decided to put to proper scientific (read: make a video) testing.

For this experiment, we ordered Nkwobi from two places: a restaurant (Sao Cafe) and a buka ("Hole in the Wall" in VI). Then, we invited a couple of EDL readers as guinea pigs.

Can people really tell restaurant and buka nkwobi apart? Does cheaper = more authentic? Anyway, watch the video and find out. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Nigerians Try Sushi For The First Time

FOLLY: This was easily the most fun video that we ever shot. It was also so smooth from a logistics standpoint because the EDL Studio is fully set up. Nosa and I are still learning the work in terms of being YouTubers but it'd definitely a fun adventure. Video bloggers clearly have all the fun. 

eatdrinklagos taste test sushi-2.jpg

That said, we put a call out on Twitter for Nigerians who have never tried sushi before and the feedback was overwhelming.

Of course, there were some people who had definitely tried sushi before who were pretending slash lying and we got a lot of questions asking how we'd know.


It's not foolproof but we are able to tell genuine from ingenuine. We sent invitations to some people who were ingenuine but they eventually fessed up because of how the invitation was worded. Reverse psychology at play there. 

Thanks to our lovely readers (I don't know if they want to be named) who volunteered to face their fears and try "raw fish".