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EDL Weekender: Chef SiA, Femme and a Happy Hour

Another weekend is here. Here’s a bunch of things you can get up to:




Chef SiA at The Metaphor

The one time we’d recommend you eat at The Metaphor. SiA is popping up on last time before she leaves the city. It’s not too late to make a reservation so don’t dull.

To prep you for SiA, we interviewed her on the blog last week. Also, check out the the menu:



Thai Thai Happy Hour

Apparently Thai Thai happy hour is a thing and I had zero idea. It’s also 9-5 friendly, which is very nice.




Femme Africa presents Femme: The showcase - a night of live music from your favourite female artists. Featuring an all female band alongside sounds from Dami Oniru, Tems, Goodgirl LA and Solis.

Dami Oniru and Tems have been on the playlist a couple times this year so I’m really looking forward to seeing them live. Also, I really like the idea of Femme and its all female lineup. You rarely find shows in Lagos with a female headliner so this is a good thing.


Fàájì Repete

Fàájì Repete is an Afro-fusion party, as well as a cultural melting pot that brings together different minds from the alternative millennial subculture of New Age Africa [popularly known as Alté] to interact and network without boarders through Music, Food, Skating, Curated Art Installations, and other selected activities to engage the audience in a new and refreshing way that truly celebrates the diversity, uniqueness and eccentricity that can be found in Lagos.

We want to celebrate this with a monthly event that brings together these scenes, people, and exciting things Lagos has to offer to ‘Fàájì Repete’ which is Yoruba for ‘Unlimited relaxation’.

Fàájì Repete will be a cultural burst that brings forth interaction between the different social circles and paradigms born in the current burst of young individuals defying the norms.
— More Branches

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

Chef Imoteda's Nigerian Fusion Food Tour Kicks Off This Weekend

Friend of the blog and occasional collaborator, Chef Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen, is taking the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour to London this weekend. Now in its third year, the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour is Imoteda’s little way doing “Nigeria to the world” like Wizkid. That’s Wizkid’s thing, right? 


Jokes aside, the goal of the tour is to export the tastes and flavours of Nigerian cuisine to the, well, the world. In our interview with Chef SiA last week, she referenced the abundance of vibrant ingredients we have in Nigeria and Imoteda shares the same sentiment. Beyond jollof (and amala that you people have forced on us), there’s so much to Nigerian food. We have a very diverse cultures and they have their own contributions to Nigerian cuisine. 


For the 2019 edition, the NFFT’s them is “Owambe”. A couple new chefs will join her on her various stops and it should be plenty fun.


The tour kicks off in London this weekend so if you’re in the ends, you should definitely swing by. Check out the menu:

Your Keto Diet Might be Giving You Interesting Smells…Down There

My coworker tried Keto for a week, or if she’s being super honest, a day. Fad diets are such a weird thing to me. This might be my inner fat ass talking, but it just doesn’t seem sustainable.

Caveman. Paleo. Atkins. Keto.

Not sustainable.

With the Keto diet, limiting your carb intake forces your body to find an alternative fuel source so you don’t, like, die. That “alternative” source is ketones, a byproduct of fat breakdown. Your body moves from burning carbs for energy to burning fats and the smart people call this “ketosis”. This is why Keto Diet is very high on fat and low on pretty much everything else. 

Anyway, according to Women’s Health, a couple women on the Keto Diet noticed their, um, down there smelt a little funky. 

…going on the keto diet changes your vaginal pH—and that changes your vaginal odor, she says. “Any diet can change your vaginal pH,” she says, which can then change the odor a bit.

Eww. Just eat rice abeg. 

Other fun stuff on the internet. 

  • American rapper, Wale, is a member of the “Yam & Egg” -hive. A wise man [Twitter]

  •  Pyrex has started skimping on the budget and the glasses are shattering [Gizmodo]

  • The inventor of the Jelly Bean wants to put some weed in there [USA Today]

  • Samsung has built a dating app that pairs people based on the contents of their fridges [Refrigerdating]

  • What is imitation crab? [Food & Wine]

  • SPONSORED: Veuve Clicquot  is hosting a masterclass on champagne at Z Kitchen tonight. The masterclass will be a two-hour session anchored by the Brand Manager of Champagne and Wines portfolio – Moët Hennessy. Attendees will be exposed to the rich history of the brand and  treated to champagne tasting. This would be a unique opportunity, as it is the first of its kind in West Africa. For reservations: Call +2348183696687

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EDL Weekender: St. Patrick's Weekend

It’s St Pat’s Day this weekend. Save your “so you’re now celebrating St. Pats in Lagos” takes. Nobody axed you. There’s a whole bunch of stuff going on this weekend so we’ve picked out a couple that we’d check out.




Chef SiA at Black Olive

Chef SiA is back in town and she’s popping up at Black Olive this weekend. There are three seatings - dinner on Friday (today), lunch and dinner on Saturday (tomorrow). To reserve, click the button below

To prep you for SiA, we interviewed her on the blog this week. Also, check out the the menu:


Bottomless Brunch at South

South Social and Eatery House and LA Concepts present the 1st edition of the United We Brunch series- “Disco Brunch Edition”, celebrating all things disco, funk & boogie. Bottomless cocktails for N7000 per head all day long and a brunch menu to hit all the right spots.

Is N7000 just for cocktails? Or is brunch included? Anyway, you guys can find out and let me know. To reserve,


Edouardo Jordan at RSVP

RSVP has pulled off a BIG BIG coup for RSVP African Heritage Week. They’re bringing Edouardo Jordan to Lagos to takeover the kitchen.

We are excited to present Chef Edouardo Jordan in our Kitchen Takeover on Saturday 16th March 2019 as part of our RSVP African Heritage Week - a 3 day celebration of African heritage through art, food, music and culture through 15th to 17th March

Edouardo Jordan is a James Beard award winner, which is like the Grammy’s but for culinary activity. He picked up Best New Restaurant for one of his restaurants, Junebaby, and Best Chef: Northwest for the other, Salare. That’s a hell of a resume. He’s also the first black chef since 1995 to get a 3-star review in the NY Times.

The house will probably be full so you definitely need to make a reservation.


The Chef’s Pop Up

A couple friends of the house, Chef Alex and Chef Cristian, will be popping up at the Landmark beach this Sunday.


Tacos & Beer with El Padrino



St. Patrick’s Day at BarBar

There probably won’t be any green beer, but BarBar is hosting a Beer Pong tournament and the winning beer pong team gets N100,000 in bar spend.


NŌK Beer Parlour

Join us this Sunday 17th, as the NŌK Beer Parlour returns in honour of St Patrick’s Day with all you favourite Nigerian beers, beer parlour snacks, local drinks, food and games. 



AUDACITY, a story of 50 daring #TechWomenLagos, portrayed in a portrait series and exhibition by Techcabal, is opening at the Africa Fintech Foundry on the 16th of March, 2019.


Brunch Out

#SaveTheDate Join us for the first BRUNCH OUT of the year as we celebrate International Women’s Day!It’s going to be a fun day with loads of great food, fun games, amazing cocktails by Jameson, great music from an all female DJ set and good vibes all around!! So guys, come through with all the great Women in your life and let’s celebrate!!!
— FOMO Lagos

That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!

EDL Weekender: IWD, Elections, and a Burrito Bowl

Happy International Women’s Day! Tech Cabal has this pretty sweet exhibition of women in Lagos tech and you should checkout out because Folly is in there too.

TechCabal is pleased to bring to you a story of audacity depicted in a portrait series and exhibition event. The Tech Women Lagos series profiles 50 women in Lagos' technology ecosystem from different backgrounds and at different stages of their tech careers.

On to sadder news, it’s another election weekend so no rocks this weekend.

A million sad faces.

Oh, well. Stay safe out there, guys!




Dante’s Burrito Bowl at BBQ & Cravings

Dante’s Burrito Bowl is back for one day this weekend. If you’ve been craving a Chipotle-esque burrito bowl, this is the one.




Barbar is doing a special for the ladies tonight. Complimentary tequila shots before they run out too. Mildly related: “free” shots for ladies is lowkey problematic but that’s not a discussion for today.



The Working Girl Forum

Eparapo is hosting women to three days of interactive sessions, therapy, retail and art. Today is the last of day and it feels fitting it concludes on IWD.


That’s all from me this week. Have a good weekend!