5 Meals in Lagos for under N2000

FOLLY: So a couple of days ago, Nosa shared this article with me 5 Places to Eat in Lagos under N2000 , by Critic Chef for Jaguda.com. I liked it a lot so I wanted to write one but for 5 meals under N2000 because I, as much as you, love a good bargain. 

Turkey Gizzard Meal at BBQ Cravings - N2000

Turkey Gizzard BBQ Cravings.jpg

FOLLY: I remember Nosa really liked these when we went to BBQ Cravings. When we came we supersized ours to include ribs and an extra side because there were two of us. I'd also recommend the wedges over the fries. 

NOSA: I really like gizzards so obviously I'm a fan.

Chicken Pinky at Grill House @ Farmcity - N1500


FOLLY: This is a simple and delicious meal of grilled chicken and potatoes. In fact, it used to be N1000 but it's now N1500, the man at the grill said it's because of the exchange rate. Yeah, it makes no sense to me either. I still buy it at this new price though. 

NOSA: As far as I'm concerned, this is best value meal you'll get in Lagos. Ok, second best. Right after Olaiya "Rice & Stew with 2 meat".

Pizza at La Taverna - N2000

la taverna lagos pizza.JPG

FOLLY: Every Wednesday and Sunday night is Pizza night at La Taverna. This means every pizza on their menu is N2000. My favorites are the Parma Ham and the Lagos Street.

NOSA: Funny thing about La Taverna is how people look at it as "Rich Man Food", but will gladly spend double the amount on shitty Dominoes. Smh.


Mixed Shawarma + Sausage at Best Shawarma - N1000


NOSA: Arguably the best shawarma in Lagos. No need for any long story here.


Chicken & Waffle Special  at Mico's House of Chicken and Waffle - N2000


NOSA: I'm not a fan of the waffle, but the chicken is so excellent.

FOLLY: Mico's Chicken recipe is everything. What I love about it is that it's not just deep fried bland. They have a really good spice rub or something. It's not Nigerian spicy aka peppery, it has real flavour to it. 

NOSA: Always get it to go, by the way. The space is too small to eat in.


The Full English  at Pat's Bar - N2600

FOLLY: And if you have a lirru bit of extra cash. N2600 will get you an English Breakfast at Pat's Bar with real sausages and real bacon. The first time Nosa got it and I had ordered the Cottage Pie, I had the worst plate envy. 

Pats bar breakfast.JPG