A Lagos Restaurant With A Loyalty Card?

411 Lagos

14B Adeola Hopewell, Victoria Island, Lagos.

0704 511 5991. 01 293 0283

FOLLY: I got to know about 411 from their Instagram page and when they popped up on Hellofood. I told Nosa that we should check it out but he declined.

NOSA: I'm pretty sure that's not what happened. 

FOLLY: I suggested it a couple other times but he wasn't excited.

NOSA: You're recalling this wrong. 

FOLLY: Anyway the guys behind the ParolZ Citycard sent us an email the other day and it sounded interesting enough so when he told us it was available at 411, we decided to go check it out.


The ParolZ Citycard website didn't go into detail so we didn't really know much about the card before going in, so I was hoping and praying that the waitstaff at 411 won't spoil this entrepreneur's hand.

NOSA: According to the waitress, you get 100 points for every N10,000 you spend (i.e. N100 = 1 point) and 100 points is worth N500. 

The waitress told us our card is only valid at 411, but I'm thinking she's wrong. We should probably ask the ParolZ guys about it because I'm pretty sure it's a Lagos-wide reward card.

FOLLY: Yup, she was wrong it's universal at all their partner restaurants. There are just 3 signed on now and they are 411, Pattaya, and Denise Renee. Hopefully, they add some more soon. 

 411 has their menu on Tablets. Cutting edge, uno?

411 has their menu on Tablets. Cutting edge, uno?

NOSA: To start, we got the Calamari.

NOSA: Folly wasn't the biggest fan, but I really liked it. I like mine heavy on the batter so this definitely worked for me


FOLLY: The other day after our review of Arabesque, someone on Twitter was like these Eat.Drink.Lagos people cannot even just like something, that we feel the need to dump on it to make it "balanced".

I'm bringing that up because I'm about to say that the calamari was good but I found it to be slightly over breaded/battered because the coating was thick. IMHO which is really what counts here as this is MY blog, that's clearly not dumping on 411's calamari, in a way I'm presenting the "pros and cons" if you want to call it that.

NOSA: For our mains Folly had the Cajun Prawns while I had the Full English. 

Before I go on about my main, I thought the service at 411 was excellent. Sure, we were the only ones in there but it was the same situation at Otres and that was a disaster. Our waitress at 411 was really really helpful. 

FOLLY: Oh the waitress opened a web page/app on their tablet menus so we could register for the ParolZ Citycard - these people are clearly a hi-tech organization. I just had to supply my name, email, phone number and age group to sign up. No bio-metrics or"capturing" required. Wiper for Jesus.

NOSA: Now that's out the way... 


I thought 411 was real stingy with the baked beans. Not trying to be Oliver Twist here, but a little more would've been nice. The eggs needed a little salt, but they were sooooo fluffy so that's all good.

FOLLY: Called that on the eggs once the waitress set the plate down. They looked very cloudy/soft.


NOSA: The bacon, like all bacon in Lagos, was Struggle Bacon. Buhari needs to waive tariffs on bacon importation. Like, it's a national matter now. Something must be done.

FOLLY: I can't even comment on the bacon because Nosa didn't share with me.

NOSA: The Full English at 411 is pretty decent on the whole. It's a solid 6 or 7. Like the Jennifer Aniston of the Full English game. It's great until you find out Angelina Jolie exists. Doesn't make Jennifer Aniston any less of a buff ting, but you're cognizant of the fact there's a buffer ting out there.


FOLLY: My prawns came with an overwhelming amount of mashed potatoes. It was like a mountain, and a tad bit intimidating.

The prawns themselves were so flavorful and probably went through a rigorous marination process. I mean the waitress said that we couldn't get the ribs because they had just arrived that morning and hadn't been prepped yet. I, however, felt defrauded when I got only two prawns as I was expecting 3/4.


NOSA: I thought the prawns were delicious. Lowkey, I can't recall eating any better in Lagos. The prawn-niness wasn't overwhelming like it is most times. Shoutout to whatever they marinated them in.

FOLLY: I also got two sauces with my food, let's call them 'obe' and 'obe ata'.


Waitress said the obe (the one in the round dish) was the sauce for my prawns. Sadly, it didn't bang with my prawns but it over banged with the mashed potatoes - it was like potatoes and stew lit! I didn't touch the 'obe-ata' because I'm pepper intolerant.

NOSA: The mash was pretty good too, uno. Considering they styled it like eba, I was fully expecting clumps in it, but no mas

FOLLY: I definitely got way more mash than I could humanly eat but I'm not complaining. They could reduce the portion and cut back on waste, but hey that's the owner's prerogative. (Aside: If Jevnik's portions are larger than this, I don't know how to feel about that)


I got really full towards the end but greed, not wanting half a prawn to waste, and also not wanting Nosa to eat my food kept me going till I felt I was about to burst at the seams, and then I stopped.


FOLLY: Oh you can't tell me someone in their kitchen isn't ex Casa Lydia, just look at that side salad and think where you've seen it before. The guy probably came to 411 and made the exact same salad so that his oga knows he means war, or it just maybe that my imagination is overly active so don't quote me.

NOSA: It didn't wow me or anything but I really liked it. For lack of a better word, it's a "safe" spot. Think Casa Lydia with better food. 

Oh, we have 123 points on our ParolZ Citycard now. Drinks on us!



Deep Fried Calamari - N3500

English Breakfast - N3500

Cajun Prawns - N4700