The Weirdest Food Combinations We've Seen on Twitter

Twitter is fun. It’s one social media platform which gives you a good glimpse into the beauty — and horrors — of humanity. On here, you’re bound to see all types of content; random comic, football banter and everything in between, your timeline is yours to curate.

I think human food preferences — where combinations are concerned — are as unique as fingerprints. There are generic food combinations that everyone can jump on like rice and stew, fried rice and coleslaw, peanut butter and jelly with bread, you catch my drift. HOWEVER, some food combinations scare the living daylight out of me. I understand it’s Twitter and humans will do ANYTHING for a drop of clout these days but these users swear these food combinations slap.

Can someone say yikes?!

Please say sike, please say sike!

Please say sike, please say sike!

You’re probably thinking ‘it’s just you and you’re simply boring with food combinations’ but I assure you, it really isn’t. I have my fair share of weird food preferences like white rice and ketchup and Suya with jam and bread (which I swear on my life slaps the hardest) but I assure you, none of these combinations measure up to what I’ve seen on those Twitter streets. Before you take a look for yourself, I just want you all to know that I’m writing this with heavy distress. Send help.

Ice cream with Boli Toppings

Yes dear, you read that right. Ice cream with boli toppings. Ice cream with roasted plantain.

I have so many questions with this one starting with ‘how in God’s name did you get here’? What prompted you to do this the first time you did it? What’s going on? Do you need to talk? tears

Egusi and ‘Superghetti’

You know, when I think about this one, I can only blame Oluwatobi. Tobi is an excellent writer but honestly, I’ll never understand this babe’s hot takes on food. We’ve argued about our food choices numerous times and we have the article to prove it. One of her more recent hot takes on Nigerian Soups and how they shouldn’t be restricted to swallows got the ball rolling and in my opinion, it rolled way too far from the park.

I’m all for experimental eating with Nigerian soups. Personally, I prefer to eat Egusi soup with boiled yam — which is practically the same thing as pounded yam — and rice with efo riro but that’s as far as I’d ever go.

Appears, Tobi opened a Pandora’s box of sorts with this article and now, ghastly ghouls are everywhere declaring their favourite food pairs with Nigerian soups, one of which is ‘superghetti’ and Egusi soup.

Guys, what’s going on? Do we need group therapy or is there something I’m really not seeing?

Spaghetti and Okro Soup

I’m not sure the Italians — or Chinese — invented pasta for these atrocities. There’s an entire debate on who invented Pasta between the Italians and Chinese and you can totally read more on that here.

My questions about this combination are on the texture. Okro soup is slimy. It draws. When you coat the spaghetti with the soup, is it remotely appealing visually? And the taste? Why?

Pap and YAJI (Suya Pepper)

When I came across this tweet, this was my reaction.

Nah fam, let’s not.

Nah fam, let’s not.

I love pap and personally, I think it’s better than custard. Yes, I said what I said. What I’m not saying is pair it with pepper.

The beautiful thing about this tweet is how it highlights multiple food atrocities like mixing garri with beans and dipping bread in tea. The first time I saw garri being mixed with beans, I was in Year 7 (JSS1) in ABEC and I only assumed the seniors who did so did this to fortify their wickedness. I never assumed consenting adults did so as well. SHOOK.

Egusi and Bread

I’m not sure who Egusi soup offended to deserve these vile pairings but here we are. Appears, some Nigerians pair the soup with bread. I have proof.

My question is, do you dip the bread in the soup? Do you scoop some soup like jam and slather it on the bread to make a sandwich? Do you take a bite of bread then a spoon of soup? How in God’s name does this work?

Baked Beans and Boiled Eggs

I’m not exactly sure what ‘Bomu gani hili?’ means but if I had to take a wild guess, it’d be along the lines of ‘o je wa ka eng’ and ‘sco pa tu manaa’, both sentences I hope to never see again.

Another thing I’d never like to see again is definitely this food combination. How do you not have diarrhea after this?

Ewa Agoyin and Donuts

If this isn’t your ‘WTF’ moment, you genuinely cannot be surprised.

This food combo was offered as the best food combo after baked beans and boiled eggs.

So do you, like, stuff the doughnuts with the ewa agoyin or do you dip? Wild.

Ogbono and Plantain

The story is simple. Some Nigerians think it’s okay to pair Ogbono soup — which is easily the worst Nigerian soup there is — with plantain. In case you’re wondering, I mean both boiled and fried plantain (dodo).

Bread and Vegetable Soup

If I’m being honest, I’ve tried this. To be fair, I wasn’t completely myself at the time so I can’t quite tell you what it tastes like. However, knowing the state I was in, I would definitely NOT recommend this combination to anyone. It’s wronggggg.

Bread and Oha

There’s a GIF under this tweet of Michael Scott from The Office being grossed out by this combination. The GIF is an APT description of my reaction to this combo. Someone scream EWW!

Michael is NOT impressed

Michael is NOT impressed

The Boiled Egg lady

If weird food combinations were a contest, this twitter user I will now fondly call “The Boiled Egg Lady” would be the winner. It wouldn’t be a competition, honestly. Give sis her crown.

While travelling through twitter looking for ghastly yet interesting food combinations, I stumbled upon this user — and her thread of food combinations — and honestly, I have never been more shook in my life. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

I’ve decided to call her ‘The Boiled Egg Lady’ for one reason; she seems to eat boiled eggs with EVERYTHING. Some of her notable combinations include;

  1. Boiled corn, ube, boiled yam, palm oil? and eggs

  2. Bole and fish alongside diced eggs dipped in palm oil.

  3. White rice, beans (with oil), vegetable sauce, bananas and boiled eggs.

These are the food combinations I could recognise. For the rest of the thread, take a peek here.

Big ups to The Boiled Egg Lady!!! I’ve never seen anyone as brave and I’m not even being snarky.

Bottoms up!

Bottoms up!

What are some of the weirdest food combinations you’ve come across? Feel free to let me know in the comment section.