A Restaurant for Every Occasion: Part II

The only thing I think Lagos has more than people and potholes are restaurants. City planning is a myth in this side of the world so it’s no surprise restaurants pop up in the oddest of places including a residential apartment building. If you know, you know.

Nevertheless, restaurants are a necessity in this city. We all need a place to kick it back with our squads and seal those business deals we’ve waited our entire lives for. I covered part one a couple weeks ago, now, here‘s part two of a list of restaurants that come highly recommended for life’s special occasions:


A Girl’s Night

Brass and Copper 

Nothing screams fun like a girl’s night! A night out with some of your best babes is one of the top two most therapeutic things to do in Lagos and it’s not number two. When picking the perfect spot to kick back and relax with your best girls, certain factors come into play. You’d want to pick a restaurant that’s both aesthetic – because Instagram has to know we’re having fun, hello? – and enjoyable. Luckily for all the baby girls out there, Brass and Copper has us covered. 

First things first, Brass and Copper is a beautiful restaurant. Its owners, Chioma, and Kika of Good Hair Ltd. have an amazing eye for aesthetics and that has translated into creating one of the prettiest spaces on the island. Between the 1,001 snaps, videos and pictures you’re bound to take on a night out with your girls, it’s easy to see why aesthetics are so important.


A Guy’s Night

Hard Rock Cafe 

A guy’s night, oh wow!

Oh wooooooooooooooooow -_-

Oh wooooooooooooooooow -_-

I’m going to try my possible best to keep this short and sweet, seeing as I’m in SEVERE danger of casual misandry jumping out. 

I’m no expert on the affairs of men and frankly speaking, I barely understand anything about them— most of the time. However, if I had to pick a restaurant where a group of men could kick it back at, I’d easily go for Hard Rock Café.

The Hard Rock Franchise boasts over 50 restaurants in countries and continents across the globe. One of these restaurants happens to be right here in the city of Lagos.

Enjoy the rock-and-roll themed restaurant amidst classic American burgers and cocktails while catching up on the plots and motives of your gang. 

If you’re up to it, you could visit the Hard Rock shop for a few branded t-shirts and accessories.


Closing an Important Business Deal

The WheatBaker


In as much as Lagos is known for its notorious nightlife, the city revolves around another axis as well; business. More than half the current residents of Lagos are here in search of ‘greener pastures’. They’ve left their comfort zones to ‘hustle’ for the life they know they deserve. The Nigerian Dream. *tears, tears*.

As many business people know, more than a few deals are closed outside the office. More often than not, the biggest contracts are awarded over drinks and pleasant food at private bars and restaurants around town. The Wheatbaker is one of the first places that comes to mind.

At the Wheatbaker Hotel, you can choose between the Saraya Deli and the Grillroom Bar, both are cosy and intimate. The Saraya Deli hosts breakfast and lunch buffets every day till 10 pm. These buffets include both classic and contemporary meal options such as sandwiches, grills and fresh salads.

The Grillroom Bar, which faces the pool, offers the perfect atmosphere for a casual drink or two with your business associates. Cheers to fresh funds!!!


Meeting Someone You Don’t Like and Don’t Want to Spend Money On


Let me keep it real with you; the only reason this is Blackbell and not Mr. Biggs is because I have no clue if Mr. Biggs still exists. My other option was Chicken Republic but honestly, that would just be pure wickedness. I am horribly petty but I’m not wicked. 

Africana Breakfast at Blackbell

Africana Breakfast at Blackbell

Don’t get me wrong, Blackbell is a nice restaurant. It’s actually one of the first places I visit when the broken legs of my bank account have healed again. Their turkey Nkwobi and seafood okra have a very special place in my heart. It’s special in a weird way to me. 

Even with all that, Blackbell isn’t the sort of place I’d opt to meet someone I was remotely interested in. Maybe it’s just me but the thought of really dressing up and going to meet someone’s son – or daughter, really – for the first time at Blackbell as a date has me screeching and not in a good way. I’d definitely breeze by Blackbell with friends, family or a love interest if I’m craving that turkey Nkwobi but dressing up and going there for a date of any sorts? Just tell me you don’t want to see me with your chest.


Impressing a Foreign Friend

Nok by Alara

When you’ve got foreign friends Lagos, it’s absolutely normal to feel insecure about the choices of entertainment you’ll be offering them. Even with friends coming into your city, you’re pressed to give them the experience of a lifetime, so you can imagine the pressure when you’re dealing with complete foreigners. 

nok corn on the cob.jpg

When I put it this way, it does seem like a lot of stress — I’m dramatic, sue me — but luckily for you, I have some advice. Take them somewhere authentic to Africa and Nigeria. Why? Imagine this. iI you took an Italian friend to Hans and René for gelato, would it be the experience of a lifetime? Not necessarily. This isn’t because Hans and René doesn't sell premium gelato but it’s simply because gelato is pretty normal where they’re from. Personally, after growing up in Port Harcourt I know I can’t find better bole and fish anywhere else in the world. If you want to prove me wrong, you’re free to but this is my hill and I will die here.

If I had to take my foreign friends to any restaurant in town, my first option is easily Nok by Alara. Nok was created for this purpose; a fusion of contemporary African art, culture, and food. Between its Afrocentric aesthetics, interestingly experimental menu and overall feng shui, this restaurant is bound to give your foreign friends pictures, videos and memories to last a lifetime.