You Can All Go Home Now, Southern Sun Brunch isn't Great Anymore


FOLLY: In many parts of Lagos, finding a hotel that offers a weekend brunch is common place now, a reflection of changes in consumption habits. About a decade ago, aside the fact that many of these hotels didn’t exist, Eko Hotel was the only player in the Sunday buffet field.

NOSA: I’m going to be very honest, I really can’t stand buffets. They’re definitely top 10 on the list of things I hate. I went to Cici’s once and Golden Corral another time, then I decided buffets weren’t for me at all. Ok, maybe not all. I can definitely do a good Chinese buffet. Oh, and bottomless champagne buffet and that’s exactly why I agreed to revisit Southern Sun. 

PRO TIP: Sundays are super PACKED so be ready to fight respectably…or make a reservation ahead of time. 

Let’s not lie or beat about the bush, Southern Sun has fallen off drastically. AND it’s way more expensive now. 

FOLLY: Yes, Southern Sun is not fantastic, in fact it’s not good, but it’s important. Lagos needs at least one place where you can get a decent (relative) all you can eat brunch with unlimited juices and champagnes. That’s what Southern Sun provides and it’s a shame they are the only ones that do.

A varied but average brunch selection served in a somewhat drab and loud environment teeming with humans and little humans alike.

NOSA: When money was “flowing in the economy”, you could definitely pull off a boozy brunch at Southern Sun. Look, I know you came here to escape from real life and politics, but it’s very important to know that the macroeconomic kini greatly impacts how boozy your brunch can get. These days, it appears you have to beg the waiters to serve you drinks.


FOLLY: I don’t want to get into reviewing the food at Southern Sun because it’s going to be different every Sunday. It’s a buffet and any one of their hundreds of workers may put her unique flair on the prawns during her assigned shift. We can focus on their range and their service.

FOLLY: If we’re making a global comparison, Southern Sun does not have THE range. They don’t even have croissants in their spread.

NOSA: Southern Sun is looking all flabby and sick right now

FOLLY: They have the breakfast staples which include eggs, baked beans, bacon, grilled mushrooms, and pancakes. I didn’t see any sausages on display. Now that I think about it, they don’t offer yam and egg either. They also have cereals, yoghurt, cold cuts, and cheese.

NOSA: The cold cuts are pretty weak and the cheese is nothing to write home about.

FOLLY: Their salad bar is alright. Their non Nigerian lunch options are lacking. On one hand, I understand because they must localize but they should also offer a broad variety in both categories - Nigerian and International.

NOSA: The whole thing is a half assed attempt at a brunch buffet. I mean, buffets are bad enough. They least you can do is try. Bare minimum is all I ask.

FOLLY: If they offer a variety of Nigerian soups, swallows, and rice dishes, the “continental” side needs to be a bit more than one pasta dish, Mexican chicken and sautéed vegetables that are kept alongside the breakfast options.


FOLLY: Another thing that bugs me is the ageism in there service.

NOSA: Old people are the only people that can afford it, to be honest. Not only did that generation ruin the country, they ruined brunch too.

FOLLY: Sadly, Southern Sun is one of those places in Lagos that offers a better version of their service to older looking patrons. From both being seated to being served, it was disappointing. The tables beside ours that had older people got served bread baskets and drinks on multiple occasions without being prompted. We had to ask (multiple times) before being served our drinks and bread basket.

Our drinks never got refilled unlike other people that sat around us. I drank the same mimosa from the beginning to the end of our meal - what a tragic waste of a bottomless brunch, right? . Others were even served their next drinks without even needing to ask. Or maybe, I have an ugly and unfriendly face - we’ll never know.

NOSA: 1/10, wouldn’t recommend. 


NOSA: Once a great brunch is now too expensive and terrible. If someone else was paying, I still wouldn’t revisit.

FOLLY: If I’m not paying, I’m definitely going back. I’ll get my money’s worth in drinks and pick at the food.




Buffet - N17000



More than sufficient, it’s a hotel.