Preparing for #EatDrinkAbuja: Meet the Vendors

The EatDrinkFestival is coming to the Capital Territory! That’s right, Abuja! Mark your calendar as on Saturday June 8, the EatDrink team is bringing the EatDrinkFestival to your city. On June 8 at Harrow Park, Wuse 2, we’ll be surrounding ourselves with aromatic scents and unique flavours. It’s a slice of heaven for food enthusiasts, aspiring chefs, and food hobbyists.

In preparation for the food and fun filled weekend, we’d thrilled to begin the first part of our four part series introducing the vendors you’ll be seeing at the festival.

Cocktails by WUSH

Instagram Handle: @CocktailsByWush

Cocktails by Wush.png

What to Expect: Cocktails are fun! Cocktails by WUSH will be keeping it classic with cocktail staples like the Long Island Ice Tea and Mai Tais. Switch up from the classics with interesting cocktails such as the Moscow Mule and the Rum Runner.

What Would Denise Get? (WWDG): Mai Tai – N2,000. Simply so I can post a photo on Instagram with the line about Mai Tai’s from Nicki Minaj’s Chun Li. Now, where’s the password to the Wi-Fi.


Parfait Café

Instagram Handle: @Parfait.Cafe

Parfait Cafe.png

What to Expect: With Parfait Café, expect sweet flavours and crunchy textures. You can expect a diverse variety of fruits on this menu. The food options here are majorly healthy so if you’re a fit fam fanatic, you can definitely drop by this vendor.

What Would Denise Get? (WWDG): Medium Cup Parfait – N1,200. Parfaits are delicious. I’d recommend the medium cup just so there’s still a bit of space for the rest of the fair.


Legal Tender Cocktails

Instagram Handle: @Legaltendercocktails

Legal Tender Cocktails.png

What to Expect: Surprisingly, Legal Tender Cocktails deals neither in Legal Tender or cocktails! They’re juices! Another healthy option for my fit fam fanatics, enjoy healthy juices and drinks all day long.

What Would Denise Get? (WWDG): Glow Up – N1,000. Who doesn’t want a glow up? If this juice is anything like my skin, it’s bound to be a hit.


Ice Pops

Instagram Handle: @Ice_Pops_Ng

Ice Pops.png

What to Expect: Popsicles! From Ice Pops, you can expect fusions of sweet and fruity flavours. You can also expect some alcohol infused sweet treats – hello passion fruit mojito!

What Would Denise Get? (WWDG): Passion Fruit Mojito – N500. I was sold on mojito. I absolutely love alcohol infused sweet treats. The casual dulling of your senses covered up by the sweet flavours is a 10/10 experience for me. Would highly recommend.


Jaka’s Grill

Instagram Handle: - Nil

Jaka_s Grill.png

What to Expect: With Jaka’s Grill, customers can purchase either of three combo packages. With each combo, you can expect predominantly strong and spicy flavours. Hints of sweet and salty flavours are expected as well. Crispy and crunchy textures are equally bound to show up.

What Would Denise Get? (WWDG): The Combo Box – N2,500. The combo box comes with grilled sticky chicken. That’s all you need to know.

While you’re getting excited for the Festival, we’d like to remind you that EatDrinkAbuja is a completely cashless event so skip the queues and buy your event ticket online (N1000). This allows you to have access to the dedicated online ticket queue to pick up your wristband at the festival.

WHAT DOES a cashless event MEAN?

Eat Drink Festival Day 1 -0053.JPG
  1. Buy your event ticket and you get given a wristband that has a special RFID chip in it.

  2. You can load your festival wristband with money (pay with cash or debit card) at the front desk or any of the top up stations around the festival.

  3. The RFID chip in the wristband can be read by the special tablet device given to all vendors.

  4. Once you have loaded funds onto your wristband, you can visit any of the food or drink vendors on-site. Let them know what you would like to purchase, they will tap the products on their device, and then scan your wristband in order to deduct the correct amount - and then it's time to enjoy your purchase! 

  5. It’s very fast and very easy. There are no issues with not having change or the POS network being down.


You can simply ask any vendor or top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how much credit you have remaining. After each transaction, the vendor will also show you the balance you have remaining.