Calling All Abuja Vendors, Join Us at EatDrinkAbuja

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It’s still a little bit unbelievable for us, but EatDrinkAbuja is happening. For our Abuja edition, we aren’t trying fix what isn’t broken so we’ll be retaining the festival’s original format. Like with Lagos, the first few festivals were a single day so we’ll keep to one day only - at least for this first one.

We will be keeping some recent changes, however. First of such is the “Artisan” category. The slots will be very limited but we’re looking for vendors independent crafters who create homemade, locally sourced, specialty products. Things like granola, tiger nut drinks or local chocolate are what we have in mind with this category.

Another thing we’re retaining is “cashless”. The festival is going to be completely cashless. We had great success in December so we’re sticking to this for all our events going forward. The festival will have its own currency and each vendor will get an RFID device to accept payments while guests will have wristbands. Our system will work seamlessly both on and offline, so sales will never be disrupted by “POS is not working”.

If you’re an Abuja food vendor (chef, restaurants, home cook, bartender, mixologist etc) and you are interested in joining the Abuja spin off or Lagos’ FAVORITEST food festival, click here to learn more and apply.

We take applications on a rolling basis and stop accepting applications once we’ve reached our targets for vendors. It’s a maiden edition so we’re keeping the vendor numbers to an even twenty. If you have any questions please email festival @