Your Keto Diet Might be Giving You Interesting Smells…Down There

My coworker tried Keto for a week, or if she’s being super honest, a day. Fad diets are such a weird thing to me. This might be my inner fat ass talking, but it just doesn’t seem sustainable.

Caveman. Paleo. Atkins. Keto.

Not sustainable.

With the Keto diet, limiting your carb intake forces your body to find an alternative fuel source so you don’t, like, die. That “alternative” source is ketones, a byproduct of fat breakdown. Your body moves from burning carbs for energy to burning fats and the smart people call this “ketosis”. This is why Keto Diet is very high on fat and low on pretty much everything else. 

Anyway, according to Women’s Health, a couple women on the Keto Diet noticed their, um, down there smelt a little funky. 

…going on the keto diet changes your vaginal pH—and that changes your vaginal odor, she says. “Any diet can change your vaginal pH,” she says, which can then change the odor a bit.

Eww. Just eat rice abeg. 

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