Chef Imoteda's Nigerian Fusion Food Tour Kicks Off This Weekend

Friend of the blog and occasional collaborator, Chef Imoteda of Heels in the Kitchen, is taking the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour to London this weekend. Now in its third year, the Nigerian Fusion Food Tour is Imoteda’s little way doing “Nigeria to the world” like Wizkid. That’s Wizkid’s thing, right? 


Jokes aside, the goal of the tour is to export the tastes and flavours of Nigerian cuisine to the, well, the world. In our interview with Chef SiA last week, she referenced the abundance of vibrant ingredients we have in Nigeria and Imoteda shares the same sentiment. Beyond jollof (and amala that you people have forced on us), there’s so much to Nigerian food. We have a very diverse cultures and they have their own contributions to Nigerian cuisine. 


For the 2019 edition, the NFFT’s them is “Owambe”. A couple new chefs will join her on her various stops and it should be plenty fun. You can get tickets by clicking any of the buttons below


Check out the menu: