What Does Your Cocktail Say About You?

It’s not scientific but here at Eat.Drink.Lagos we believe your drink order says a lot about you. Cocktails have distinct personalities and when you choose your drink it’s an indication of your personality. You may think that we’re making a reach here but Business Insider spoke to over 30 bartenders with extensive experience, and they agree.

While we didn’t speak to bartenders, we came up with a list of drinks that are the most often ordered in Lagos and we spoke to several Eat.Drink.Lagos readers to determine what they think about you based on your drink choice. 


You had this drink once when you started drinking and now you always order it. You’re very easy going and some people actually think you’re basic because of that. You’re also not terrified of food poisoning cause no one washes those leaves.


Moscow Mule

You’re only ordering this because of the copper mug because you’re all about aesthetics. Don’t get us wrong though, we’re not judging you. It’s a good drink and it works but you only discovered that after you ordered it to take a picture for Instagram.

Pina Colada

What is you doing darling? You clearly started drinking two minutes ago and this is your second ever drink order. Your first was a Cosmo. It’s 2019 now and we’re not on Sex and the City anymore, let this one go sweetheart. Mmkay?

Tom Collins

You drink sparkling water, right? You’re also the only person in your group of friends that seems to be doing adulting correctly, or on the flip side you made a ton of money in the early nineties and now exist to wear out your children. Good on you, keep on going!


Gin & Tonic

You’ve always had a long day. The only thing in your life that is consistent and gives you sanity is your drink order. Don’t worry though, you’ll start drinking Tom Collins after your next promotion. 


One of two things is happening here, you’re really about that life or you saw it in a movie and you’re about to be terribly disappointed. If it’s the former, you know what you want and you go for it. Martini drinkers are always super specific about the details in their life, even when it’s thoroughly uninteresting like your drink choice.

Long Island

Oh, you are here for a good time and not necessarily, a long time! You’re always the captain of the boat. You’ve learnt over time that the Long Island delivers great value for money. That blackout you’re after, the Long Island gets you there in no time and because of that you don’t beat around the bush. Your friends don’t give you credit for how practical you are but choose to focus on your bad decisions, don’t mind them, we see you!


Frozen Margarita

You’re a wild one, aren’t you? You don’t deal drugs but we know you’ve considered it when things were a bit slow.


Like your Margarita drinking friends, you stay dreaming of your next holiday. Unlike them, you’re super cautious so instead of going to Mexico, you settle for Hawaii. Explore your wild side and live a little sweetie.



You like wasting money don’t you? 

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