EDL Weekender: Pop-ups For The Long Weekend

It’s a looooong weekend guys and the last one till December (I think) so let’s get some fun in. Meanwhile, I was compiling my weekend activity list and I noticed how every single person has an event on Sunday like there isn’t Saturday or Monday. What wrong with you guys? Anyway, this means the odds of you running into your ex are greatly diminished like someone hedged on your behalf.

There’s Imoteda’s brunch and then the XO Bakery pop up. Both followed up by rocks at SABOR, a dinner with Chef Stone, and a party at NOK.

A hectic Sunday. 


An extra special alté playlist for the weekend


Limitless by Heels in the Kitchen

We’ve been making noise all week, but here are some last minute notes:

  1. There’s no drink limit. You can drink until the drinks run out so you should probably have an uber on standby.

  2. You can’t “order” a particular main. The food will come out canapé style so you can stuff yourself as your heart desires. Maybe you can get a waiter connect like old women do at weddings

  3. There’s a time limit but there also isn’t a time limit. To avoid overcrowding, you might get asked “how far?” after like 2 hours.

  4. If you have allergies, have a look at the menu ahead of time.

  5. If you paid via transfer, you might have to identify yourself with your transaction alert. Maybe next time you’ll pay online, you stubborn traditionalist!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-14 at 6.19.24 PM.jpeg

The Burgundy by Chef Stone

One of our judges at JOLLOF is having a private dinner this Sunday ALSO. It’s strictly by reservation so check out flyer for deets and if also the Menu


Independence Day Burgers at XO Bakery

Chef Benedict and Chef Alex have stepped up their flyer game for this edition but their designer forgot to add the date. It’s this Sunday ALSO and there’s a new burger on the menu. A donut burger.

I’m interested.



1960 by Eko Cocktail Club

Its all systems go down at ECC as we’re inviting everyone to a banging night at Sabor on the 30th of September . Whether you’re after an amazing cocktail menu, a dope ass food menu giving you all the naija feels or you simply just want to get your dancing shoes on, we’ve worked with the Sabor team to make sure you’re fully covered.

And of course we have Smallz the DJ giving us the best of jams all night.
— Lala of Eko Cocktail Club
1960 (3).jpg


Silent Disco Lagos


Nothing to Do in Lagos Picnic


Jameson Connects


Have a great weekend, guys!

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