EDL Weekender: Sylvia Hits Cinemas Today!

It’s not this weekend, but today is the last day to get the early bird tickets. Heels in the Kitchen has an unlimited, actually “limitless” brunch, coming up next weekend.

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We shared deets in last week’s newsletter, but better late than never.

On to more pressing weekends, here's what to do and listen to this weekend:


Been listening to a lot of Majid Jordan this week so the second half of this week’s playlist is basically a Majid Jordan jam session. Also, no one has noticed, but Tyga has been perfect from the field this year.


Buttermilk Chicken Burger @ The House

Saw the picture on Instagram and I was like “Yo!!!”. Yeah, it looks absolutely delicious and it has to find its way into my stomach this weekend.


Prawn & Pesto Toastie from Toasties by Biscuitbone

Another thing I need in my mouth (pause) is the Prawn Pesto Toastie from Biscuitbone. Basil, tomatoes, caramlized onions, then you add in the prawn and top it off with some pesto. Keep this for your cheat day, lads.




We got invited to the premiere of this last weekend and it was so so good. Full disclosure: Folly’s cousin is executive producer. Still, it’s a really good movie and the best part is that it doesn’t have the typical cliche ending. You guys should definitely catch it if you can.


50th of Edition of Afropolitan Vibes


Have a great weekend, guys!

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