WATCH: The Maggi Mystery Box Challenge

The full video recap of the Maggi Mystery Box Challenge at #JollofAndOtherThings is finally ready and we’re super excited to share it.


A bit of a backstory: as Eat.Drink.Lagos large audience events have grown, we’ve been constantly looking for ways to add new elements and keep things from going stale. One of such elements is the addition of a main stage. The entire premise of our large audience events was to create a market of sorts, but with growing crowds, we’ve come to understand there must be something to tie it all together. Most large audience events tend to opt for musicians performing, which is great but isn’t really on brand for us. Nosa shares his playlists every Friday, but we aren’t really connoisseurs of music. Well, the brand at least. We’re food blog that organizes food events, surely out “main event” must be something related to food, no?


This thinking is what birthed the Maggi Main Stage in December. We got a couple of our chef and food blogger friends to battle it out in the Maggi Kitchen Battle. While that went well on the whole, we quickly realized we didn’t create much content from it. A bit of a massive blind spot on our part. At #JollofAndOtherThings, we got another shot at it.


This time, we worked with Maggi, again, and the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. We got eight recent grads and current students to form teams of two and battle it out in a Jollof-themed challenge. But that wasn’t all, Maggi supplied each team with a box of mystery ingredients for use on the day. Also, this time, we made sure we recorded it all.

The sound is choppy in bits, but it’s a a fun watch. In December, we plan on taking it up a whole notch and we can’t wait to share what have planned with you guys. A big thank you to everyone involved in helping us with this. Congrats to our winners too, we’ll have them as special vendors in December.